An Organization Station for Back to School

back to school organization

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I’m quite possibly the most scatterbrained person I know.

Some would say I hide it well (many would say I don’t).

This flightiness is not something I’m proud of and something I’m constantly trying to overcome.

Every school year I start off with the BEST of intentions of keeping things organized.

I was pretty proud of myself last year. My son had his first year of Kindergarten AND I was his room mom and I think I stayed fairly organized throughout the entire school year.

This year is likely going to be even more involved though, AND we are in a new home so the old routines and systems won’t necessarily work this year.

We are pretty good with our morning routine, it’s just keeping up with everything that comes home AFTER school that can get overwhelming.

I think I have a set up that will work though. Each child has their own “milk crate” (I bought these at Walmart. I let the kids choose the color they wanted. If it’s fun and something they chose, they are so much more likely to use it) where their backpack, lunch kit and anything else that needs to go to and from school will be held.

back to school

Then above the milk crates is a large cork board. I have it sectioned so they each have a dedicated area to hang important notices, calendars, etc and than the third portion is for family stuff. This is all in the small hall out to the garage (we go in and out of the garage), so we’ll have to pass this area every day.

back to school organization

I hope it works out! I will report back and let you know.

How do you keep things organized?

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  1. Denise says

    I use the same system!!! but I have three kids, so I have a little board on the side for Family stuff. It works pretty well. I’ve added a large envelope to the bottom of each to keep things that can wait. I like the crates though. may have to think about that one. I have the kids keep their packs in their room but makes it difficult for me on those late Thursday nights when I have to review their weekly folders! LOL!

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