Baby Clothes Online: Quality or Quantity?

baby clothes online

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Do you purchase baby clothes online?

If so, do you go for quality or quantity?

My answer? Shoot for both!

With the following recommendations for baby clothes online, you’ll get quality clothing in the quantity you need.

Where to find quality baby clothes online:

  •  Ebay – Bid on auctions or choose a buy it now lot. You can get a LOT of clothing for very little when you purchase in lots. Be sure the seller has a good rating and good CLEAR pictures of the clothing. Read their history and make sure that other buyers have gotten what they paid for. This can be a great way to get a LOT of clothes for very cheap!
  • Zulily - It’s hit or miss if there is going to be a sale you like, but they have new ones every day and they always offer cute baby clothes!
  • The Children’s Place – You’ll always find great options. Be sure to check their sale section and to see if they have any current sales going on.
  • Kohl’s - Kohl’s sells many popular brands of baby clothes online. Consider waiting to make your purchases until you can get Kohl’s Cash back and use a coupon code.
  • Local Swap Groups on Facebook- Ask your local friends if there is a yard sale or “swap” group in your area. My SIL has gotten SO much baby clothing through these groups. She’s also sold her old baby clothing online as well. So it’s a great way to rotate your stash if you aren’t keen on hanging onto clothing to use as hand me downs.

Remember when you purchase baby clothes online that your baby will grow quickly! A baby doesn’t need a wardrobe that rivals your own. That first  year, between gifts, hand me downs from friends and family and the clothing you purchase yourself…your baby will go through more  clothing then you thought possible!

Where do you purchase baby clothes online? Comment below and let us know! We might add it to our list!

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