Today On Momtastic: 5 Gifts To Buy Your Frugal Friend

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Do you have a frugal friend to buy a gift for this year? Check out my 5 Gifts To Buy Your Frugal Friend over on Momtastic today: Do you have a frugal friend to buy a gift for this year? Scratching your head over what to get your favorite penny pincher? Here are 5 gift suggestions for your frugal friend! Read more: 5 Gifts To Buy Your Frugal Friend | Momtastic Thanks! Related posts: Momtastic: Why an E-Reader is Worth Every {Read More}

Top Five Holiday Budget Busters

Avoid these five holiday budget busters and finish out 2011 in the black: You don’t make a list, and if you do, you definitely don’t check it twice. Santa knows best! He makes his list, he checks it twice and trust me he won’t think twice about throwing coal in your stocking if you’ve been a misfit all year long! Make a list of who you are buying for and stick to it! If you meet the man of your {Read More}

How To Decorate Your Home For Less

Today’s post on Momtastic is all about decorating your home for less! Does your house need a facelift? Maybe you have never really gotten around to decorating, or maybe you just figured it was too expensive. Here are some tips to get your house looking magazine pretty in no time (and with minimal damage to your bank account) at all! Read more: Frugal Tips to Design (Or Re-Design) Your Home | Momtastic If you enjoy the post, please leave a comment! {Read More}

Retail Stores & Christmas: How Soon is TOO Soon To Deck The Halls?


Have you noticed that every year, retail stores tend to start Christmas a good 2 weeks earlier then the year before? I remember a time when you didn’t see anything Christmas related in the stores until *just* before Thanksgiving. Now though, Christmas starts in retail right after Back to School! Whatever happened to Halloween? Thanksgiving? Are we really in such a rush? Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Kids frolicking around dressed up in adorable costumes and um…candy! Thanksgiving? {Read More}

Quick & Easy Storage Solution for Kids Clothes (Teaches Ownership Too!)

Recently, I was reading one of my favorite blogs and I got sucked into the archives (don’t you love when that happens?). I stumbled upon this post regarding storage of outdoor toys and I was inspired! We recently bought these Expedit bookcases from IKEA. We purchased 4 of them and intended to line them up in the playroom to store toys. However, we have NO bedroom furniture. My husband and I pretty much have a bed and a hodge podge {Read More}

Extreme Couponing on TLC Airs Tonight: Will You Watch? Will I?

Tonight begins yet another season of the show that has changed the game of couponing for good (or evil, depending on your perspective). Extreme Couponing on TLC has shown the world the dramatic savings made possible by using a bit of know-how and strategy. However, it has also been responsible for MAJOR policy changes and an overall YUCK attitude towards even the most well meaning couponers. It’s unfortunate really. You would think with a name like, “The Learning Channel” the {Read More}

Do Frugality and Clutter Go Hand in Hand?

Take a look at any frugal blog and you’ll see advice on de-cluttering, living simple and streamlining life in general. Why? Does frugality lend itself to clutter? In a way, I think it does. Here’s why: Scenario #1-I’ll Re-Use This Later You just threw a birthday party/baby shower/some gift giving shindig at your home and you begin the process of tidying up and finding homes for your new gadgets/gizmos/toys. You start throwing away the gift bags, but stop yourself when {Read More}

My Motto: Save Where You Can So You Can Spend Where You Want

photo © 2011 Steven Depolo | more info (via: Wylio) This is an old post I wrote when my blog was still pretty new. In fact, my blog was only 5 days old when I wrote this post! I wanted to revive it (and add to it!) because it’s still so true (although I do splurge on haircuts nowadays ) and it’s kind of my motto! I think we all should save wherever we can so we can spend where {Read More}

Frugal Gift Idea: Use Your Freebies To Bless Someone Else!

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If you have been following this blog for awhile, you’ll notice I post about a LOT of freebies. You might have freebie overload by now! Jessica from Crazy Coupon Train has a great post about what to do with all of those freebies and free samples you can acquire. What a great way to bless someone with a helpful and useful gift! I know I’m going to be signing up for a LOT more freebies now! What do you do {Read More}

10 Things I’ve Learned About Buying Work Clothes on a Budget

photo © 2007 rococohobo | more info (via: Wylio)   I have to admit, one of the best things about working from home is that I don’t actually have to get dressed for work. I can work in my PJ’s or in an evening gown and no one cares! However, I know not everyone has the luxury of working from home and finding day to day office or job attire can be expensive! Related posts: Tot Tuesday: It’s a Girl! Dressing {Read More}