Do You Want to Learn How to Sew a Dress?

how to sew a dress

Do you want to learn how to sew a dress? I sew for my daughter on a regular basis!

I love making her pretty and one of a kind dresses and skirts. I know I probably only have a few more years before “Homemade by Mom” is no longer in style for her ;) .

Do you want to learn how to sew a dress?

I am mainly self taught and here are some of the resources I personally used to learn how to sew a dress:

Patterns from – Sewing Patterns-My favorite favorite patterns all come from here! They are printable PDF patterns so you can use them over and over again as your children grow. When I learning how to sew a dress for my daughter, I stumbled on this site and it’s been my favorite ever since!

YouTube Videos- anytime I got stuck, YouTube to the rescue! When I needed to learn how to make a ruffle, how to make my own bias tape, or just how to thread my machine…YouTube was a lifesaver!

The manual for my sewing machine-every machine is a bit different. Get to know the ins and outs of yours by actually reading the booklet that came with it! Nowadays, most sewing machines actually come with DVD instructional videos as well! Watch it!

Craftsy-This site is pretty cool because they actually have lessons! I did not personally take their beginner lessons here but I did take a quilting class once and enjoyed it a lot.

Craftser- A forum filled with crafty people! Use search to see if someone already asked your question, but I’ve found this community to be very open and willing to help newbies.




You can learn how to sew a dress. Sew a dress for yourself, your daughter, your niece or even a doll! It’s not hard to teach yourself with all the resources available on the web nowadays!

Good luck!

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