Family Blog Hop-Bye Bye 2010!

How is everyone doing today? You might have noticed things have been kind of low key around here lately. To be honest, I’m kind of taking a breather this week, but I’ll be back strong in 2011! I have so many fun and exciting ideas for the new year, and I can’t wait to get started. This is kind of an off week though, so other than hops & deals, I’m kind of laying low!

What about you? Are you blogging as much as usual this week?

Welcome to the Family Blog Hop! I’m so glad you’ve stopped by and I hope you enjoy yourself!

I am starting this hop because although I love deal/frugal living blogs, I love family blogs too! I’ve just recently started to become more active on the personal blog I’ve had since 2007. I love looking back through the archives and seeing how much we’ve all grown. Now I want to see YOUR family blog!

Now, it doesn’t matter if your blog is a family blog, a mom blog or a science blog or a home school blog…if it’s family friendly…you’re in!

Here are the rules for this hop:

  1. Link up your family friendly blog
  2. Link up your Facebook
  3. Link up your Twitter
  4. Visit others!

That’s it! As an added bonus, you can post the button on your blog to invite more people to come check out this hop. It’s new, so it needs some love and attention!

Link up your blog here:
Link up your Facebook here:
Link up your Twitter here:

Happy Hopping! Do you have a hop? If so, link me to it and I’ll add your button to this post!

Tell us what you think:

  1. Zombie Mom Comics says

    The button doesn’t seem to be showing up…I think this happened last time too but I just assumed I was an idiot. That still may be the case, but something may also be wrong with the code?

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