Finding a Great Deal on Childrens Place Clothing

childrens place clothes

Childrens Place clothing is another favorite for our family. They offer up a great selection of basics and play clothes (which, let’s face it, are the only clothes my kids really wear).

They’re one of our go-to spots for graphic tees for my son, along with shorts and pants and swimwear. I appreciate their 100% cotton tees, which are a must for my kids’ sensitive skin.

Another thing I appreciate about Childrens Place clothing? Their sales and coupons, of course!

If you’re looking to get a good deal and stock up on the basics, be sure to take these tips into consideration before you shop:

1. Watch for sales. Childrens Place is good about running regular semi-annual sales. They’ll often offer a certain percentage off the entire store or an additional percentage off all clearance items. These are the best times to shop.

2. Check for coupons. Search online for a discount code or a printable coupon, or check in the parenting magazines for any Childrens Place coupons that may be available, before you get started on shopping (either in-store or online).

3. Join My Place Rewards. This is a free rewards program, where you’ll earn points for every $1 you spend at Childrens Place. If you’re already shopping there regularly, why not sign up and earn some points toward a reward while you’re at it?

4. Shop during a “Place Cash” promotion. Occasionally, they’ll offer a “cash back” promotion, where you’ll earn a $25 reward for every $50 you spend (this amount can vary), that can be used on a later purchase. This is a great time to do your change-of-season stock-up purchases, so that you can hit that $50 limit and earn a reward. Last time they ran this promotion, we were able to get swimsuits for both kids, shorts and tees and earned a $25 reward that we used later on additional tees and sleepwear.

I’ve noticed that, at least with my kids, it seems that Childrens Place clothing tends to run a little on the smaller side, so I usually buy a size up for my kids here, so that they can wear their favorites a little longer (and so that we can stretch our clothing budget further).

What are your favorite tips for finding a great deal on Childrens Place clothing?

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