From the Mailbag: What Daily Deal Sites Are Worth Following?

Picture by Vera Kratochvil

I get a lot of email every day. “There are so many daily deal sites, which ones are worth following?” is definitely in the top 10 of most-asked reader questions.

I feel you. Trust me, I do.

As a frugal living blogger, I try to round up the cream of the crop deals for y’all daily. These deal a day sites actually make that kind of hard! In addition, I’m emailed at LEAST once a week by a new start up deal a day company asking me to please include them on my blog. So there definitely are even more daily deal sites a’brewing out there on the world wide web. Are all daily deal sites created equal though? Just because they say their deal is 50-75% off retail price, does that still means it is a good deal?

I wrote an article for Momtastic on the dangers of Daily Deal Sites not long ago, but don’t worry there are legitimate daily deal sites that get it right.  I have compiled a list of deal sites that continue to wow me with great prices and great customer service.

I have decided to dedicate one neat page titled “My Favorite Daily Deals Sites” right here on my blog for a quick reference guide. I am personally signed up by email through each and everyone of these sites. I even have them going to a specific folder in my gmail, so they don’t get lost in all my other email.

For the most part it is a complete list. I can think of two other companies that I’m contemplating adding, but I have not personally ordered through them yet, so until I do…they won’t be placed on the list. I trust these sites and I endorse them.

Go check them out!

Do you have a suggestion for Family Friendly Frugality? Is there something you want to see more of, less of or something that you think would be a worthwhile addition to the site? Email me through my contact form!

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