What is Frugality?

Frugality by the simplest definition implies that you are smart about your money. You aren’t wasteful and you stretch your dollar to the limit. I know for some, the words frugality and frugal have very negative connotations.

  • Penny pinchers
  • stingy
  • boring

Not to me though. Frugality is just being smart with your money. It means never paying full price when you don’t have to. Frugality doesn’t mean that you never do anything fun, or buy anything trendy or that you live in a dump. On the contrary! The more frugal minded you are, the more money you are likely to have in your bank account.

Our lives are more fun and full now that we living frugally. We get more bang for our buck and are able to do and buy more. It’s actually a really exciting and awesome lifestyle!
Why Family Friendly Frugality?

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve talked to who stumble over the name of my blog. It always makes me laugh a bit, but I wouldn’t change it. Oh I have moments where I wish I had put just a *bit* more thought into it. That it rolled off the tongue just a bit better! The name sums up my purpose though. I want to help other families live lives of frugality!
This blog is a family blog. The deals I post are all family friendly and I encourage frugality and smart shopping on  a regular basis. Please don’t feel you have to take advantage of every great deal and every freebie. Frugality is about knowing when to say yes, and when you need to say no.
Why do you think Frugality gets such a bad rap?

Money is a very taboo subject. When we have a lot of it, we don’t talk about it because that’s bragging. When we have very little, we don’t talk about it because that’s embarrassing! When someone speaks about frugality, automatically we think we’re speaking about money. That’s not necessarily true though. Frugality knows no income bracket. It is possible to live a frugal lifestyle making 6 figures or making 4.
Frugality is more about the way we handle our money and less about how much money we have in the bank. In today’s rough economy, frugality just makes sense.
What does frugality mean to you? Do you think you and your family could benefit from living a frugal life?
Want to discuss frugality further? Hop on over to my Money Saving Forum on Momtastic!

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  1. Stephanie McGlothlin says

    I am new to the “frugality” thing and I think what you do is really helpfull in times like these! I follow you on facebook and have gotten some great deals because of it. Thanks for all you do. Now I only buy things with coupons and try to get as many “freebies” as I can!

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  1. [...] My grandmother lived through the Great Depression and she and her siblings lived frugally to survive. They saved and reused items such as bread ties, rubber bands, tin foil and bread bags. I’m not saying those are not good practices. However sometimes (and somewhere along the line) the word “frugal” can leave a bad taste in your mouth.  Many money-saving blogs and coupon savvy blog posts are helping to change the image of the word frugal.  I like the viewpoints of Heather at Family Friendly Frugality who wrote a superb post about “Frugality.” [...]

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