How to Find Cheap Baby Clothes

baby clothes

Your baby will be here soon and you may already be overwhelmed with the long list of items it seems this little guy or girl will need when he or she gets here. How does one tiny little one seem to need so much?

Luckily finding cheap baby clothes, especially for that first year, can be pretty easy.

Tips on Finding Cheap Baby Clothes

1. Garage sales – Before baby arrives is the perfect time to start your garage sale hunt. Find a cluster of garage sales near each other and you’ll even get a little workout as you walk from driveway to driveway. You can often find lots of cheap baby clothes in great condition at garage sales, if you keep your eyes open.

2. Local Facebook groups – This is the new Craigslist, it seems. To find these groups, ask on local parenting message boards, in your local moms group or search Facebook by your city name and “online consignment” or similar. Remember, though, while it’s exciting to get a great deal, don’t let it cloud your judgement. Just like with Craigslist, be cautious of giving out personal details online, meet the person during the day in a public place (and maybe it’s a venture you’d rather take with a friend or your spouse). This can be a great way to find decent amounts of cheap baby clothes all in one spot.

3. Ask your friends – It doesn’t hurt to put it out there that you’re looking for cheap baby clothes. Ask them to keep an eye out for sales or for any acquaintances who might be ready to pass theirs on. You’ll be surprised at how quickly people swoop in with offers for hand-me-downs. Be sure to ask whether they’d like them back (so you can mark them accordingly and make sure they get returned to the correct owners) or whether they’d like you to donate or pay it forward when your baby has grown out of them.

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