Just Some Pics: Our Weekend

Since I was “striking” on Wednesday, I didn’t get to put up my Wordless Wednesday post from our fun this past weekend. Since I got GREAT pics at the zoo and a few in the backyard, and I so rarely get good pics (well I get good pics of the back of their heads) nowadays, I was a bit bummed!

So, instead, I’ll post them today :)


On Saturday we made it out to the Houston Zoo. It’s been awhile, and the kids had a blast. I had a new camera lens I wanted to play with, and the zoo was the perfect place!

Zoo 1

The elephants were making quite a ruckus, so they grabbed hands to brave it together!

zoo 2

Are you sure they can’t come out to play?

Zoo 3

Love this sweet boy.

zoo 4

I’d love eyelashes like that, but  Mr Giraffe can keep his teeth.

zoo 5

We love the carousel!

Zoo 6 copy

She’s finally starting to enjoy the carousel. She was scared of it for the longest time!

zoo 7

Noah was very fixated on seeing this guy. Mission Accomplished!

zoo 8

This is what happens when you try to get a picture of your kids both smiling AND looking at you at the same time.

zoo 9

Looking for the Lions!


On Sunday, the kids weren’t feeling too hot, so we decided to stay home. A few weeks ago, my husband bought a tent for cheap off of Woot!. Because we’re NOT campers (yet!), we wanted to test drive putting it up in our own backyard before we showed up this spring/summer to the campsite and made fools of ourselves ;)

tent 1
Tent 2
What did you do this past weekend? Any plans for this weekend?

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