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The Challenge

For the next month I will be challenging myself to stick to a meal plan. I have been in such an incredible rut lately when it comes to dinners! Honestly, it’s ridiculous. I come home with tons of food for next to nothing and yet still, I stare into my pantry as if there is nothing there.

I finally came to the realization that I just needed someone to tell me what to do! I had read about E-Mealz on another blog once before and it was given pretty good reviews. So I contacted the company and asked if I could review a meal plan and (because I’m always thinking of my lovely readers!) give away a meal plan to one of my wonderful readers.

Not only did they say yes, they are letting me try out an entire month worth of meal plans. In addition, at the end of this month, when I give my final review of the plan…I will be giving away a THREE MONTH SUBSCRIPTION to E-Mealz for one very lucky winner!

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Week 3

frugal mommy

So this was week 3 of my E-Mealz challenge and this frugal mommy is getting much better at shopping with her list! It took me less time to shop today than the previous two times. I think part of it was that it wasn’t a mega sale week, so I didn’t have to count items as I put them in my cart. I’m kind of a week behind them because they post the new menus on Sundays and I don’t shop until the following Friday. So there are a few meals for this coming week that I bought the food for, but most likely won’t make for a couple of weeks (because of Thanksgiving).

How much did I save?

This week I threw a few extras into the cart that normally wouldn’t be there because we are entertaining a bit more than usual this weekend/coming week. I am very pleased with my total though, normally when we entertain, I totally blow our $150 grocery budget. Today though, per usual lately, I stayed well below.

Spent $106.10
Saved $28.91

How did you do at the grocery store this past week?

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Tell us what you think:

  1. Anonymous says

    Does your Kroger have the same card system that Ralph's have? Since Ralph's and Kroger are owned by the same company and all….If so, is your total savings including the card savings or is that above and beyond? (like coupons or something) That sounds totally dumb…sorry!
    Love, Steph (can't get the thing to let me do it any other way than anonymous!)

  2. Heather says

    Yes Kroger has a loyalty card system as well. This is total savings. Coupons and kroger card savings. It's not as impressive as when I make my lists firmly based on sales and coupons (since I am using e-mealz lists), but I'm still staying within budget so it's okay!

    Is this Steph M?

  3. Anonymous says

    Yeah…Steph M (or kapdel…whichever you prefer ;) )

    Thanks for the clarification. I am still trying to get my weekly spending down to $150, but have a long way to go. I will get there one day I am sure of it!

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