Make Your Own Freezer Containers in a Pinch

Freezer Containers in a Pinch

I’m a big fan of making double batches of freezer friendly meals. We eat one that night and I freeze the other.

It works out great because even on nights when time is of the essence, I can still deliver a home cooked meal to my family (not to say we never grab a bite out or order take out, because we TOTALLY do).

A few months back, I found myself without a disposable pan to store a freezer meal in though. It was too late to turn back and make just one dinner’s worth of food and it was too gross outside (rainy and cold) to run to the grocery store.

I adapted.

I grabbed my foil and lined a casserole dish with it being careful that the foil covered every nook and cranny. I put the entire covered dish in the freezer and called it a success.

Until the next time I needed that EXACT casserole dish. Oops.

Luckily for me, I found I could easily lift the now frozen meal out of the casserole dish and place it in the freezer just in it’s frozen foil “packet”!

Now, I do this all the time. I can often get aluminum foil for super cheap, so now I make my own freezer containers (not always, I still buy disposable containers sometimes).

Here’s how I do it:

Make Your Own Freezer Containers

All you need is foil and a casserole dish

Make Your Own Freezer-Containers

Be sure to cover the whole pan with foil. Reinforce your makeshift container by laying foil both ways. Make sure there is overhang on all 4 sides.

Make Your Own Freezer Containers

You want to be sure you have some overhang.

Make Your Own Freezer Containers

Place your dish into the container.

Make Your Own Freezer Containers

Lay foil on top and fold up the sides so the food is fully covered on all sides/top/bottom.

Make Your Own Freezer Containers in a Pinch

Once the food is fully frozen (I usually wait until I need the casserole dish or more room in the freezer!) Remove your foil “packet” from the dish and place it back in the freezer!

When it’s time to defrost/reheat your casserole, just put the foil meal back into the original casserole dish to defrost/heat and eat!


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    GENIUS! I mean, seriously, that’s like -stupid smart! ;) I’m always running low on containers, and this just makes perfect sense. And since I’m still using the never-ending heavy duty BIG ol’ roll of foil I got at Costco a few years back (yes, YEARS!), this will be easy-peasy! Thanks for sharing!

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