How to Earn Swagbucks

So what exactly is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is essentially a search engine that awards you for using it. You use it like you would use Google, except every so often it awards you with “swagbucks“. Seriously it’s that simple

Really? Because it seems like there has to be a catch…

Nope, no catch. Really. Of course that is the minimum that you can do to earn swagbucks.

The minimum? So what is the maximum? How do I earn bucks other ways?

There are many ways to earn swagbucks other than searching:

  • Every day you can get 1 swagbuck for completing the daily poll, 1 for clicking and viewing trusted surveys (you don’t have to take a single survey) and 1* for using the toolbar (the toolbar is optional, you do not have to download it, it is helpful though) and 1 for clicking through their NOSO (NO obligation special offers) once a day
  • You can complete special offers. There are plenty of no obligation offers, they can be time consuming…click click click…but some of them can pay out pretty well.
  • Complete surveys, although I rarely ever qualify for any for some reason
  • Shop. Before you buy anything online, check through Swagbucks first to make sure it isn’t a store affiliated with them. You will be surprised, you can credit for purchases from TONS of places. You get swagbucks back for your purchases
  • Referrals. You wonder why every time I type Swagbucks I link it? Because that is my referral link. For every referral you have you are credited for the first 1000 Swagbucks they get for searching. So if they search “hotmail” and get 10 swagbucks, so do you.
  • Trade Ins: You can trade in old cell phones, video games, etc. They will tell you approx. how many swagbucks you can expect to earn from your trade in
  • Swag codes : every once in awhile they will release a code that will give you X amount of swagbucks. If I catch it, I try to post on my blog. You can always check the widget on the sidebar of my blog to see if there is a new swag code.
  • Print Coupons: Every time you print coupons from the Swagbucks website, you can get 10 Swagbucks just for redeeming them!
  • Daily Deals: A lot like Groupon, except you earn Swagbucks instantly with your purchases
  • Watch videos: There are codes hidden in Swagbucks videos

Okay, so what does this all mean? What kind of prizes? Do I need One Million before I can redeem?

No! 450 swagbucks will get you a $5 Amazon giftcard…which in my opinion is the prize to redeem. You can redeem up to 5 of the same prize a month and in my first month I got to 5 gift cards very easily. That’s $25 in Amazon money! Today just by searching, signing in to trusted surveys, taking the daily poll, using the toolbar and catching 1 swag code…I earned 41 swagbucks. Want proof?

right click and open in new window to see up close

That means in just around 11 days I could earn a $5 Amazon gift card for doing very very little. (update: with referrals I now earn a $5 gift card in around 4-5 days!)

Do you have any suggestions/tips to maximize my earnings?

Yes, I suggest downloading the toolbar. Not just for the extra point, but also because it will remind you to use it for searching. Another tip I have is to change your bookmarks for sites you frequently visit. For instance, instead of bookmarking Facebook. I search Facebook on Swagbucks and I bookmark the results page. It requires one extra click everytime I want to visit Facebook, but it is worth it.
Other than that, fill out your survey profiles, each one gives you some bucks. Complete some no obligation offers, shop, search and invite your friends!

How do I sign up under you so you can get my referral?

Oh I’m so glad you asked *flutters eyelashes*.  Click on any link above and sign up. I always use my referral link to link to Swagbucks or simply click the banner below

Search & Win

Good luck and happy searching!

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  1. Indy says

    Ok..hi.. I was just reading about qs is can u search by phone…i dont have a computer:( i heard many people tlk about guessing is not false ad..thanx.looking foward for ur answer;)

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