Monetizing Your Blog: Help Preschools AND Earn Money at the Same Time!

My post about Monetizing My Blog sparked a lot of interest from bloggers and non-bloggers alike. Since so many are interested…I decided that I would start a series of posts titled “Monetizing Your Blog”.
This series will serve as a helpful jump start for anyone wanting to begin monetizing their blog, or just to get some new ideas.
I have a new blog in the works right now, based on this subject alone. It is so severely in its’ infancy right now that I’m embarrassed to show it, but I promise when I reveal’ll be the first to know!

Have you heard of Savvy Source? I’ve posted about them here and there, but haven’t gone into too many details!
They have an amazing program. I like to joke that it’s like Groupon for kids. It kind of is!

This is how it works:

How Savvy Savings and Scholarships Works – Partners

Savvy Source Savings 

The Savings: Each week, we offer parents a significant savings on a fun, family-friendly activity selected by our Savvy Source editors. Once enough people have signed up to purchase, the Savings and Scholarships offer becomes active.
Savvy Source Scholarships 

The Scholarship: Beyond giving parents in our communities a great deal on a fun activity, we donate 5% of each purchase to a preschool of the purchaser’s choice. We also donate 5% of each purchase to a scholarship fund created to help parents afford preschool for their children.

Doesn’t this sound like an amazing program? In addition to national offers, they also have city specific offers.

This my friends is where I am VERY proud to announce…I come in (well not just me!).

I am now a City Advisor for Savvy Source helping to round up deals for the Houston, Texas area! I was so honored to be asked, I am a HUGE advocate for preschool…in fact my degree is in Early Childhood. Plus my kids are the exact age group that this program is tailored to.

Guess what though, you can help too! AND you can earn money. How?

The Savvy Source Savings and Scholarship program actually has an AWESOME partner program! Here is how it works:

How you earn: We consider our Savvy Savings and Scholarships Partners one of our most valuable resources, and therefore we have created an amazing incentive program.
  1. When anyone registers for Savvy Savings and Scholarships using your offer referral code, you earn 3% on purchases they make.
  2. If you know people who also love to spread the word, you can invite them to become a partner too, and they will earn the same way you do. Once you have a partner associated with you, you then earn 2% on any purchases made from signups using their offer referral code.
  3. The partners you invited may also decide to invite some partners as well, and that would be great! You will earn 1% on offers purchased by these additions to your partner network

So it’s kind of a tiered system of earning, but everyone benefits. Your readers, local preschools, the business that is offering the deal…and YOU!

If you need a more in depth of how this program works, they’ve compiled an incredibly helpful PDF file that you can check out here. It goes a bit more into just how much money you can make with this program, and it’s worth the read through.

They send out weekly emails with all the links (with your codes already embedded in them) to the deals of the week AND they have a nifty little savings widget that you can see on the side of my blog right now. It looks like this:

If you are a blogger, I highly encourage you to check this program out. No need to be a coupon/deal blogger…if you are a parent and your readers are parents, they will love this program! This is my referral link, click here if you want to sign up under my name (much appreciated!).

If you are not a blogger, but are really interested in this program…I made a post earlier today with a great national offer that anyone who is signed up with the program can take advantage of! If you are not signed up, I encourage you to do so!

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