Price of the First Class Stamp to Increase to $.46 Soon

Price of Stamps Going Up

Well, it looks like you can expect another increase at the post office soon!

Starting January 27, the price of a first-class stamp will increase one cent to 46 cents, the Postal Service announced Thursday. Postcard postage will rise one cent as well, to 33 cents.

It’s just $.01, which won’t do much for our bottom line, but little increases like this can make big differences for small business owners. The cost in turn gets passed on to the consumer (and rightfully so), so expect that shipping prices might go up just a tad.

It’s funny, my earliest memory of the cost of stamps was the $.25 stamp. I actually still of stamps as “just a quarter” even though they haven’t been “just a quarter” for the majority of my lifetime.

What’s the lowest pricing of stamps that you remember? 

Thanks CNN Money for the heads up.

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