Tot Tuesday: Homemade Doodle Paint Recipe

homemade doodle paint

Like it? Pin it! Pin It My kids love to paint! We go through a lot of paint in this house, so when I saw this super easy 4 ingredient doodle paint recipe on Pinterest, I knew I had to try it out right away. First off though, I had to track down some squeeze bottles. I ended up using the Wilton Cake Decorating squeeze bottles that I found at Michael’s. Everything else I had in my kitchen already. Or {Read More}

How To Sew A Ruffle Dress – A Quick 3 Tier Ruffle Dress Tutorial For A Little Girl

Ruffle Dresss

Do you like this post? Be sure to “pin” it or “stumble” it to share with your friends:   How To Sew A Ruffle Dress Learning how to sew was not an easy thing for me to do. I had to accept that I was going to fail…often. I had to come to terms with my seam ripper and I had to start small and work my way up. Once it clicked though, it was magic! Now I love to {Read More}

Graduation Gifts – Five Easy and Inexpensive Graduation Gift Ideas

IN an emergency

Are you looking for some easy and inexpensive graduation gifts? Here’s a list of graduation gifts that won’t break your budget! 1. Get 80% off all canvases from CanvasPeople. You could get really creative with this if you want! Or just use a picture that is near and dear to your grad.                                                           {Read More}

Make Your Own Freezer Containers in a Pinch


I’m a big fan of making double batches of freezer friendly meals. We eat one that night and I freeze the other. It works out great because even on nights when time is of the essence, I can still deliver a home cooked meal to my family (not to say we never grab a bite out or order take out, because we TOTALLY do). A few months back, I found myself without a disposable pan to store a freezer meal {Read More}

Dance Bag DIY: Pre-Project Jitters!

DIY Dance Bag

My little girl officially has started in dance and I’ve been REALLY wanting to get her one of those cute “tutu” dance bags with her name on it! A DIY-er at heart, I couldn’t resist the urge to do it myself. So here are my supplies: A zebra tote, some black trim, a pretty flower and some pink tulle. I do have an embroidery machine, so I bought some pink embroidery thread to embroider her name on it (um, going {Read More}

DIY: Mason Jar Herb Garden From Camille Styles


Isn’t this a fantastic idea? Camille Styles shows you how to turn an ordinary board of wood, some mason jars and some herbs into practical kitchen decor! I am definitely interested in trying this out! Be sure to check out this Mason Jar Herb Garden. Tell them HI from Family Friendly Frugality!     Related posts: Tot Tuesday: Garden with Your Kiddos (Dollar Store Fun) Garden Design Magazine On Sale $5.99 (Just in Time for Spring Arrival!) Get $13 Of {Read More}

Tot Tuesday: Countdown to Halloween Friendly Witch Activity!

Tot Tuesday is a weekly feature where I highlight a special kids activity, frugal recipe for kids, kids tutorial, etc. My kids are READY for Halloween. My son can barely contain his excitement and every day he rushes in to ask, “Is it Halloween today!?”. Seeing as he started this bit midway through September, I knew we had a long 30+ days before I could finally say, “Yes, Halloween is TODAY!“. Last year, we had an advent calendar for the {Read More}

Tot Tuesday: Magnetic Jack O Lantern For Your Fridge (Only 4 Supplies Needed!)

  Tot Tuesday is a weekly feature where I highlight a special kids activity, frugal recipe for kids, kids tutorial, etc. My son is 4. This year, he seems to be Halloween obsessed already. We recently went to a Halloween store that popped up randomly in a strip mall near us (does that only happen in Texas? Random Halloween shops taking up abandoned buildings for 2 months every year?), and it was so exciting to see him push a bit past his {Read More}

Make Your Own Frugal Chlorine Tab Floater


I posted recently on A Southern Mom about how we had purchased a new pool (kind of like this easy set up pool). It’s a small little thing, but it does have a filter and it has enough water in it that we can’t fill it up and empty it out each time we use it. We’ve been using the filter plus chlorine tabs to keep the pool clean and it’s been working well! That said, pool stuff is expensive! {Read More}

DIY Unclog a Stubborn Drain Using 2 Simple Ingredients

Baking Soda

DIY Unclog a Stubborn Drain We recently had a horrible clog in our bath tub. We tried good ol’ Drano, but it simply wasn’t cutting it. One night, my husband was about to give the kids a bath. I was in the other room getting the kids undressed when all of a sudden I heard him yell out. Apparently our drain had gotten so bad that it was now turning on us. As soon as he turned on the water, {Read More}