Guest Post: Frugal Ways to Improve Your Home for the Spring Season

photo © 2007 Louise Docker | more info (via: Wylio) This is a guest post from Jane Sanders Getting ready for spring is exciting because spring is such a beautiful season. It brings in new life, warmer temperatures, and fresh air. Getting your home ready for the spring is easy, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Here are frugal ways you can improve your home to prepare for the new season. Open the Windows Open the {Read More}

Kid-Friendly Weeknight Recipe: Asian-Style Crusted Chicken

Asian-Style Crusted Chicken

Guest Post by Meredith Are you interested in guest posting on Family Friendly Frugality? Please email me heather @ If you have picky eaters in your family, a couple things are probably true. First of all, you probably have a lot of boneless chicken breasts in your freezer since they can be used in so many different meals, and secondly, you probably end up repeating the same meals over and over again. If you’re stuck in a recipe rut because {Read More}

Good Gifts for Families in Need

Oranges at door

Originally posted December 9, 2011 Guest post by  The Prudent Homemaker Good Gifts for Families In Need Do you know a family who is unemployed, underemployed, or just having a really tight year this year? Here are some of the best things to leave at their doorstep this Christmas. 1. A box of oranges Fresh food is a great help to those who are struggling. A family might have boxed and canned goods in their pantry, or they may be getting {Read More}

5 Great Deals/Freebies Today: Come Check it Out!

Monday Markdowns Free Sample of Shout   More   Momtastic

Today on Momtastic I have posted 5 great deals/freebies for you to check out! Every Monday I post the Monday Markdowns on Momtastic. It’s a really great site and don’t just stop at Monday Markdowns, be sure to poke around the site a bit! Enjoy! Related posts: Deals from Children’s Place, Amazon, Toys R Us & More Monday Markdowns: Halloween Markdowns & Freebies 5 Great Monday Markdowns

What to Buy/What Not to Buy at the Dollar Store

Pregnancy Tests at Dollar Store

The Dollar Store Have you ever walked into the dollar store and wondered what would be left over if you took out all of the items that are barely worth a penny, let alone a dollar? You aren’t alone! The truth is, the dollar store can be a fabulous resource if you know what’s a steal and what’s a rip off. Learn more about saving money and getting GREAT deals here.  Rachel from Holy Craft has a GREAT article on {Read More}

Momtastic: Check Out Today’s Monday Markdowns

momtastic expert contributer

Every monday, I do a quick column on Momtastic. It’s called Monday Markdowns and I think you’ll enjoy it! Check out deals that aren’t posted here on Family Friendly Frugality. It’s a little bonus for your Monday and I hope you’ll enjoy it! Click here to read the latest Monday Markdowns on Momtastic. Enjoy! Related posts: Momtastic-Monday Markdowns March 14th Be Sure To Check Out Monday Markdowns! Monday Markdowns: Halloween Markdowns & Freebies

Simple, Basic Ways to Cut Household Spending to “Find” Much Needed Cash

Hello! My name is Gina and I write the Old School Saving blog. Thank you, Heather, for allowing me to write a guest post on Family Friendly Frugality! I’m a lot like you; I try to stretch my dollar as far as it will go while living a full, satisfying life. To budget more efficiently, I enrolled in the ‘level pay’ plan my utility companies offer several years ago. My payments would always be about the same and I’d know {Read More}

Think Twice Before You Give a Gift Card as a Gift This Year!

Now, this post might be controversial to some! It’s about the ever popular gift card, and why you should NOT give them as gifts this year! Read more to find out why: Are you guilty of gift card gifting? Do you head to the gift card kiosk in your local retail store and finish your gift buying list in less than 10 minutes? Do you feel satisfaction walking out with a stack of gift cards 2 inches tall and calling your holiday shopping a {Read More}

Momtastic: Pay Yourself First & Hit Your Savings Goals Every Month!

Today my article on Momtastic is: Pay Yourself First-Meet Your Savings Goals Every Month! Have you ever heard the saying “Pay yourself first“? Basically, what it means is that before you sit down to pay your mortgage, your car payment and your electric bill, you make sure you have paid yourself first. This is a great way to ensure that you hit your savings goals each month. Read more: Pay Yourself First-Meet Your Savings Goals Every Month! | Momtastic Please leave a comment {Read More}

Part-time Couponing

Post by Katie: Do you feel overwhelmed with all the couponing information out there? In this economy, everyone is looking for ways to cut back and save money and couponing is a great way to keep some cash in your pocket. But, we also live in a fast paced, busy world and clipping coupons, organizing, making lists, and shopping can be daunting. I was doing pretty good when I had just one child, then baby #2 came along 14 months ago {Read More}