Guest Post: Cleaning The House Without Touching The Wallet

Cleaning Products

Guest Post from Adana Lima Keeping your home prim and proper can be a real challenge, even at the best of times. But when finances are hard, and the housekeeping budget is looking somewhat anemic, it’s tempting to cut cleaning products out of the shopping list altogether. And, to be fair, there really are too many of them in the first place, with every appliance having its own tailored product. Microwave cleaners, hob scourers, bath-mold removers, and telephone sanitizers – {Read More}

Guest Post: Frugal Living Helps In Achieving Bill Consolidation

being frugal

This is a guest post from Martha Jackson about how to cut costs when you are looking at consolidating your bills. Bill consolidation consolidates all of your unsecured bills and lowers the interest rate on your debts. But if you want to make the payments through bill consolidation and still save money for your future, you will have to practice frugal living. Frugality is a practice that will help you put a rein on your debts. These frugal living strategies {Read More}

10 Reasons Why New Blogs Fail

I recently guest posted on Quick Online Tips. My topic was “10 Reasons Why New Blogs Fail”. Go check it out and let me know what you think!!! Want to learn a bit more about Family Friendly Frugality? First subscribe to FREE daily emails. Next, learn more about our family blog by reading our about me post or read the popular series Our Story. Or jump in head first and learn how to save money grocery shopping, play the drugstore {Read More}

Guest Post: Join My Playdate with LeeAnn From The Life of Rylie and Bryce, too!

I am having a fantastic play date today…and you are ALL invited! Come visit with me over at The Life of Rylie and Bryce, too! LeeAnn’s blog is one of my absolute favorite blogs to read and I was so excited when she asked me to come over for a play date! While you are there, check out some of her awesome giveaways! I don’t know how she does it, but she gets the most fantastic things to giveaway to {Read More}

Guest Post: Fun Halloween Treats!

Guest Post by Jessica from I’m Not Your Everyday Average Mom This weekend my family and I are going to do some fun baking!! We made homemade chocolate last night which my son got a kick out of! Today we are going to pick some fresh apples from an orchard and make a caramel apple pie! And to top it off we are going to go pick out our pumpkins and carve them tonight! I love doing fun family activities! {Read More}

Guest Post: Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone!

Go check out my guest post on Money Saving Mom about stepping out of your comfort zone! I wrote about pushing myself to learn to sew and not accepting failure! The comments are making me tear up! If you are visiting from Money Saving Mom, say hi! I’m so excited for you to visit my little corner of the blog world! Take a look around! My blog is still pretty new but if you go to my about me page, {Read More}

How To Shop Smart is on Ezine Articles!

I submitted my article on How To Shop Smart to Ezine Articles and just got word today that it was published! They even gave me this fancy little button to display on my site Now I’m not really positive if this is a big deal because maybe they don’t deny anyone? I have no idea!It makes me feel good though. Especially when I think about my 2 guest posts on Budgets Savvy Diva and my guest post on $5 Dinners.There’s {Read More}

Guest Post at $5 Dinners-Chicken with Rice

One of my favorite frugal dishes is Arroz Con Pollo (Chicken and Rice). A total comfort food for me and my family, it’s a low cost meal that doesn’t feel low cost at all. I’ve tweaked this recipe a lot over the years and I’ve finally settled on a version of it that my family loves. With cooler temps about to set in, it’s the perfect meal to cozy up with on a cool fall night. Serve alone or with {Read More}

Check out my guest posting: Family Fun Without Paying a Ton!

So you are short on cash, but you have a family desperately in need of fun! What do you do? There are plenty of fun, frugal ways to have fun when you are strapped for cash… Read the rest of my post here on Budget Savvy Diva! Be sure to leave a comment! Thanks so much for letting me guest post! Related posts: 5 Ways to Put Wiggle Room in Your Budget Money Saving Monday: Stay at Home Mom or {Read More}