Rising Gas Prices: Are You Feeling Pain At The Pump?

Today on Momtastic I have a featured article titled: Rising Gas Prices: 5 Ways To Alleviate Pain At The Pump Imagine you have the choice between feeding your children a nourishing breakfast or filling up your bone dry gas tank to get to your job. Which would you choose? If you don’t go to work, you can’t bring any more money in. You can’t imagine letting your kids go hungry though! Does that sound like some kind of dire doomsday {Read More}

Are You Sick Of Living On A Budget? Learn How to Combat Frugal Fatigue

  Are you sick of saving money? You just want a break, you just want to be DONE with the line by line budget. Or you are having daydreams of going to the nearest department store and buying out their entire shoe department. If so, this article is for you (it was for me!). Times are tough and they sure do not seem to be improving quickly. Frugal living has become more mainstream, although not by personal preference in many situations. {Read More}

Does Amazon Really Save You Money?

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Are you an Amazon shopper? If so, are you really getting a good deal when you shop Amazon? Read my article on Momtastic today about how to save money and get the most bang for your buck while shopping Amazon! Read the article: How To Use Amazon To Save Money

Romance On A Budget For Him

Today on Momtastic, it’s your turn ladies! Last week, I wrote about Romance On A Budget For Her. This week? It’s all about what you can do for the man in your life. Read the article to find out what I’ll be doing for Colin. You might just be surprised! Read the article: Valentine’s Day Romance On A Budget For Him

Valentine’s Day On A Budget-Momtastic Series Part 1

So who is ready for Valentine’s Day? Are you a man scratching your head over what to do for the woman in your life? Or are you a woman who thinks her man might need a little nudge in the right direction? Either way, check out my article on Momtastic today: Valentine’s Day-Romance On A Budget For Her Don’t worry guys, it’s your turn next week!