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My favorite crafting site is having a 15% off sale! Add code MAKEGIFTS15 to save 15% off your order from You Can Make This! . This is the site that really took my sewing and crafting to a whole new level. They are very picky about who they let make tutorials for them, I promise anything you buy from them…you can make!The possibilities are endless: Holiday decor Knitting Crocheting Applique Sewing Crafts for kids and so much more! This is a {Read More}

Tot Tuesday: Learning to Sew…Where To Start?

Daddy Dress

I often get asked where I get the inspiration for the outfits and crafts I do for/with my kids. The truth is…the internet. Blogs, websites, there is SO much out there! Google anything and add “tutorial” after it and I promise you’ll be overwhelmed with results! I had a LOT of emails yesterday about my guest post on Money Saving Mom. Some were about blogging, some were just nice compliments (thank you!) and some were about sewing. For those of {Read More}