Top 10 Reasons Why I Need a Staycation #StaycationContest


I have to admit, I’m one of those people that doesn’t feel summer is “complete” without at least one vacation.

By vacation, I don’t mean flying to Australia and I don’t even mean leaving the state (of course I do live in Texas, so I can drive 12 hours and still be “in state”).

I am a self diagnosed homebody and I don’t like being away from my bed for too long ;) .

A weekend or 3-5 days is generally enough time away for me.

However, this past summer was pretty much the Perfect Storm of circumstances that prevent a family from enjoying a proper vacation.

  1. We moved.
  2. We have a new dog.
  3. We moved (have you moved lately? EXPENSIVE!!!!) and our bills are MUCH higher than they were previously.

I know many of you are thinking, “We haven’t gone on vacation in 20 years!” or “Who needs a vacation when you live in a city like Houston?“.

The answer?


  1. It’s good for my soul and it’s good for my sanity to pack up and leave for a bit.
  2. It refreshes me, it recharges my batteries.
  3. The perfect way for our little family to get some good bonding time. Our house has too many distractions from spending good quality time together.
  4. A “staycation” implies we’ll be close enough to home for emergencies, but far enough away to feel detached from the hustle and bustle of every day life.
  5. We won’t have to be *too* far from our dog. We could even put her in a pet hotel that’s close to where we are staying!
  6. Staycations are generally less expensive. The travel expenses alone can save hundreds if not THOUSANDS of dollars.
  7. When you “staycation” you are in a place that is familiar to you. No worries about getting lost. This is our town. We might not spend a lot of time in this section of it, but we know it and we love it.
  8. Our weekends center around baseball and scouts a lot throughout the year. With a staycation, we could run home for practices and games and head back to our hotel for more fun!
  9. Getting to explore another part of your own city or town can be very educational and fun. You’d be surprised how geographically boxed in we can get when we don’t generally venture more than 5-10 miles from home the majority of the time.
  10. Finally, going away makes you appreciate home just a bit more. You can’t miss it if you never leave it!

For all of these reasons (and more!), when I found out that I could write a blog post (you see…you knew this was going somewhere) for a chance to win a “staycation” at The Woodlands Resort…I hopped on the opportunity!

We’re talking:

  • Deluxe Accommodations
  • Full breakfast for 4 in The Woodlands Dining Room
  • Half Day Bicycle Rental for 4
  • Family Welcome Cookie
  • Unlimited access to Sauna, Steam Room, Whirlpool, Fitness Center
  • Unlimited access to Forest Oasis Waterscape

Doesn’t that just sound like PURE BLISS?

Check out these pictures:








This is IN MY CITY y’all! Oh I want to win it so bad. My family needs it!

I promise, if I win…you can expect tons of pics and stories from our trip!

Where would you want to “Staycation” in your own city? Don’t you think The Woodlands Resort looks amazing? Comment below! 

Tell us what you think:

  1. says

    Wow! That place looks amazing – fingers crossed for you!! I’d love to take my family to a fancy hotel downtown here and have a fun weekend escaping our normal routine!

  2. Crystal says

    I live in an itty bitty town so I don’t know that we even have anywhere neat to stay but I know several places within an hour that have indoor waterparks and we would definitely go to one of those!

  3. Laura says

    Ohhh that sound AWESOME! I wish we had something like that here in Atlanta, while we do have some fun things for a staycation (Aquarium, World of Coca Cola, etc) this place looks like sooo much more fun!

  4. says

    Wow! The Woodlands looks pretty amazing! My hubby and I have had “staycations” in one of the fancier hotels in downtown Philly (my city) and in nearby Lancaster, PA (Amish country). Next up is taking the kids on a staycation… probably starting with Lancaster. Such a relaxing atmosphere, with lots of family-friendly activities and attractions… and only an hour or so away!

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