Top Fan Winner & $25 Disney Gift Card Announcement!

Do you engage with Family Friendly Frugality on Facebook?

Did you know to keep the pages you like in your feed, it’s crucial to engage with them on a regular basis? Otherwise, their updates will slip away from you and you’ll never see them again unless you purposefully seek them out!

In order to increase the visibility of Family Friendly Frugality on Facebook, I’ve started holding a weekly competition!

If you go to the Facebook page, you’ll see an app up top called Top Fans. These are the fans that “like”, comment and share Family Friendly Frugality posts on a regular basis. These fans are the fans that help Family Friendly Frugality reach a wider audience!

I love these fans, because they really make Family Friendly Frugality a community.

Each week I offer up various prizes for the top fan of the week. This past week, that prize was $25 PayPal cash! The winner (I took a screenshot this afternoon! Just now sitting down to write up the post though) is:

You have 48 hours to contact me by email with your paypal address so I can award you your prize Alicia!

Thank you so much for being this week’s top fan!

This week (3/12-3/19) I’ll be giving out a Gift Card worth $25!

So get to sharing, liking and engaging and maybe next week, you’ll be shopping at courtesy of Family Friendly Frugality!

The giveaway will end sometime next Monday afternoon. The winner is decided at the time I take a screenshot.

Disclaimer: This giveaway is not sponsored by Facebook or Disney, it’s sponsored by me ’cause I love y’all so much.

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