Tot Tuesday: Countdown to Halloween Friendly Witch Activity!

Halloween Countdown Activity

Halloween Countdown Activity

Tot Tuesday is a weekly feature where I highlight a special kids activity, frugal recipe for kids, kids tutorial, etc.

My kids are READY for Halloween. My son can barely contain his excitement and every day he rushes in to ask, “Is it Halloween today!?”.

Seeing as he started this bit midway through September, I knew we had a long 30+ days before I could finally say, “Yes, Halloween is TODAY!“.

Last year, we had an advent calendar for the children that really helped our children build up anticipation for Christmas, so I figured why not do the same for Halloween?

I was browing on Pinterest one day and found this adorable Halloween Countdown Calendar and just had to make it!

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It’s super simple, this is all you need:

  • Black and green construction paper for the hat and face(I just cut two triangles. In hindsight, my hat triangle should have been wider then my face triangle); also I made a pointy witch nose from the green paper.
  • Purple and yellow construction paper (for the hair, just cut long thin strips)
  • Glue
  • Googly Eyes
  • tape
  • black marker

Make enough hair “ringlets” as there are days left until Halloween and begin the countdown! Each night, allow your kids to cut (or tear) off one lock of hair!

My kids LOVE our witch and we have our displayed on our refrigerator right next to our magnetic Jack O Lantern!


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Thanks Baby Center for the fun idea!

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