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cheap childrens clothing

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Sometimes I wish my kids were content to just run around in their underwear when they were home! Why? Because the laundry…oh the laundry! Several outfit changes a day really add up.

Not to mention, they need dress clothes, play clothes, sleeping clothes, spring clothes, winter clothes, etc etc etc…(you get the picture).

Childrens Clothing is expensive!

Thankfully, there are plenty of options for cheap childrens clothing.

Since my kids tend to wear things out quickly if it’s not well made, one of my prerequisites for purchasing cheap childrens clothing is that it is well made.

I choose clothing based on quality over quantity, but cost is a huge deciding factor as well.

I find cheap childrens clothing CAN be made well though and there are a few places I shop where cheap doesn’t mean poorly made.

Here are my picks for cheap childrens clothing that will hold up through the washing and playing and still make it to hand me down status when my little ones grow out of it!

  •  Jumping Beans from Kohl’s – Shorts, shirts, leggings…a lot of fun mix and match options here.
  • Circo from Target- well made. Just be aware that this brand sometimes runs a bit small and shrinks up a bit. Get a size bigger if your child fits comfortably in their current size.
  • Garanimals from Walmart – for layering pieces and play clothes
  • The Children’s Place graphic tees – when they are on sale
  • Osh Kosh for jeans and overalls – pricey but they last FOREVER! I honestly think one pair could last through a family of 4+ kids as hand me downs!
  • Carter’s- for baby clothes when they are having a sale.
  • Consignment stores- if it’s made it to the consignment store, it probably lasted through one kid already!

Where are your favorite places to purchase Cheap Childrens Clothing?

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