10 Quick and Fun Summertime Crafts & Activities for Kids


It’s summer and the kids are B-O-R-E-D. (I mean seriously…how can they ALREADY be bored?)

Which means, you are likely NOT bored and instead have a laundry list (pun intended) of things to do.

Here are 10 quick and fun summertime crafts for kids that *should* give you at least 15 minutes to switch out laundry or wipe down the kitchen. 😉 (Please remember, independent play is important for kids!!! Don’t feel you need to be their entertainment director all summer long!)

All of these require a bit of prep work from you, but then should allow for a bit of independent play time (depending on the age/maturity of your children)!

1. No Mess Allowed Painting!

2. Make Your Own Play-Doh!

3. Rice Box Fun

4. Boredom Busting Busy Bags

5. Set them up with a fully stocked art supply kit

6. Make Your Own Lacing Cards

7. Get Your Dance On

8. Magazine ABC Collages

9. Campfire Free S’mores Experiment (they can “watch” it melt while you get some work done!)

10. Check out this article on 25 ways to beat summertime boredom!

Like I said, these crafts/activities should give you a bit of a breather. How long will depend on the age and maturity of your children. Enjoy and have fun this summer! Remember they are only little once.

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