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It’s been awhile since I have really shared much of myself and my life here on Family Friendly Frugality. I used to share a lot more, but life got busy and deals pop up daily. I’ve also never really been sure that anyone wants to hear about ME on this site. I mean, I’m great, but I’m not a 90% off deal with free shipping 😉 .

Earlier today though, I realized that I enjoy bloggers that share peeks into their lives…even if it doesn’t necessarily “fit” the specific purpose of why I follow them.

So here goes, in absolutely no particular order…a random smattering of facts about me 😉 .

My kids are 6 and 8 and I’ve been married for 9 1/2 years. – This is all info that can be found in my woefully outdated About Me (*cough* I am not 28 anymore *cough*). I figure most of you have never read that page though 😉

I live in Texas, but was born in Brooklyn NY and lived in northern NJ until I was 13. – I moved to Texas with my dad and stepmom. My stepmothers family was from  Texas and after my mom passed away, they didn’t feel there was much keeping us in NJ. Although I hate the events that transpired that brought me to Texas, it’s exactly where I want to be. I love Texas!

Last year, I was the room mom for my son’s class. His teacher helped them create this sweet SWEET word jumble for me. Made me cry!


Volunteerism is something that is near and dear to my heart, I volunteer a LOT – Oh em gee y’all…it’s a bit out of control around here at times.

I am Vice President of Communications for the PTA at my kids school. Secretary on the board for their swim team. I am room mom, team mom, I’ve been backstage mom. We don’t serve at our church as often as we should, but we are subs in the children’s ministry. I help my husband with fundraising for our Cub Scout pack.

I’d say I do some form of volunteer work every single day. I love it and thrive when I am giving of myself for others.

I have Hypothyroidism, PCOS and ADHD – Basically, I’m a mess. 😉

I am a Christian (and was raised in the Catholic denomination) – Now I HOPE this is obvious to everyone. I hope the fact that I love Jesus Christ and consider him my Lord and Savior is news to no one. I hope even if you haven’t ever heard me say it, that you knew it because of my actions.

While I no longer attend a Catholic church, it is the religion my mom wanted me to be raised in. Therefore I attended mass until I was in my very early 20’s. We found a Methodist church to attend while we were dating (my husband was raised Episcopalian) and have been there ever since.

Both my husband and I were baptized as babies, but when our children chose to be baptized last summer, we decided we wanted to have an adult baptism and also rededicate ourselves to the Lord as a family.

I have a pup named Cookie who is just about 2 1/2 years old. – She’s part Beagle and part Lab we believe. She LOOKS all Beagle though! We adopted her from the Houston SPCA when she was just a tiny pup. It’s a cute story of how we got her. Maybe I’ll share it one day.

I always assumed I would be a teacher when I grew up – I “played school” from a very very young age. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints and moving out on my own at the age of 17, I was never able to pursue my dream. I was a preschool/Mother’s Day Out teacher for several years and enjoyed it.  Honestly though, I love what I do  now. As a part of PTA, I get to support teachers and students. I think that things worked out perfectly.

I lost my mother to ovarian cancer when I was 12 and I lost my older sister to pneumonia exactly 5 months later – My mother went into the hospital for a blood clot. Came home for a short time and ended up right back in the hospital shortly afterwards with a diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer. She never came home again. There is a reason they call it the silent killer. This happened when I was in 7th grade. My mom died on July 4th 1995.

We moved to Texas in late October (I think we actually arrived in early November…we drove down from Jersey and I remember being on the road on Halloween) and several of us kids became very ill shortly after arriving. Unfortunately, my sister’s pneumonia was so bad she passed away as my dad and stepmom were taking her to the hospital 5 months to the day after my mother died ((she was 21)). My dad maintained that she actually died because of a broken heart. She just didn’t have the fight in her after my mom died.

Speaking of siblings, my blended family consists of 8 children – Yikes! It’s true! I have 3 older step siblings that belong to my stepmother. My older biological sister is the one that passed away. Then I have one younger step sister (my step mother’s daughter), one younger biological sister and one younger half sister (the daughter of my dad and stepmother…y’all know her! Amber! She is my right hand woman here on the site!).

I am smack dab in the middle. Because the age gap is so huge between all of us, we have never all lived under one roof at one time. The older 3 kind of grew up together and then the younger set grew up together.

I have multiple websites – I link to A Southern Mom often, but I’m not sure if many of you know I also write it. I have a few other completely dormant websites that aren’t worth linking to, but every once in awhile I’ll get the whim and throw a post up.

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek into my life.

I’d love to learn more about my readers as well! Leave a little factoid about you in the comment section! 

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  1. I loved reading your story. Some aspects hit close to home. I also have PCOS. I got diagnosed about 3 yrs ago. It’s been very difficult to lose weight and keep it off! I have 3 daughters 12,9,5. They keep me on my toes lol. Very recently about 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Completely devastated me but I’m a fighter and will do whatever it takes to beat it. I’m married and have been with my husband for 14yrs married for 4. He’s my best friend and my rock!!.. I love seeing your post and reading what’s going on lol.

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