10 Resources for Learning to “Do It Yourself”

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Learning how to do your own home improvement projects can save you money. Doing things for yourself will also give you a sense of pride in your own accomplishments. If you’re not sure how to learn to “do it yourself,” check out these ideas.

Local Library

Your local library can be a gold mine of information. Take a look at the assortment of books on building and home improvement to learn how to do home improvement projects.


YouTube is a great resource for “how to” videos. Search around for quality videos that teach simple DIY principles.


Ask your friends if they are going to be doing any projects around their home. Offer to help if they will teach you how to do the work. (this is especially helpful when it comes to vehicle maintenance or repair DIY!)

Local Home Improvement Centers

Many local home improvement centers like Home Depot and Lowe’s offer occasional classes for DIY projects. Ask about upcoming workshops then plan to attend and learn as much as you can.

Community Colleges

Community colleges often offer free or low-cost classes in a variety of subjects. Check with your local college about any DIY and home improvement classes that are available during the given semester.

Internet Resources

The Internet is full of websites and articles that explain how to do things. You can easily learn basic home improvement principles or even some harder projects through various websites. You will need to have time to wade through the fluff to find the gems that are hidden, though.

Check out:

Anna White

Tip Junkie

A Southern Mom 

Home Improvement Television Shows

Check out your cable or satellite stations for home improvement shows that demonstrate various projects. Stations like HGTV, DIY Network, and The Learning Channel usually have a variety of shows that you can learn a great deal from (also look for links during the shows. Sometimes they mention that the link to the instructions are on their website!)

DVD Resources

Check your local video store or library for DVD’s that teach home improvement skills. These will usually be found in the documentary or personal fulfillment sections.

Volunteer Opportunities

Check around your area for volunteer opportunities that can teach you home improvement skills. Groups like Habitat for Humanity are always in need of volunteers to help build their homes. They usually accept volunteers with all skill levels and will teach you as you work on projects with the group.

Family Members

Ask your family members for help. You may have several family members who are handy with tools and are quite the DIY experts. Ask them to teach you some basic things or ask to help with their next project.

Learning how to “do it yourself” doesn’t have to be difficult. Most often you can learn what you need if you just know the right places to ask. Take some time to research what’s available in your area or ask the people you know for help. Your friends and family will probably be happy to teach you what they know.

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