2 Handmade Dresses Battle it Out! (Plus 2 Great Pattern Links!)

Dualing Dresses

Tomorrow is picture day at school.

My sewing machine and I have had to take a bit of a hiatus from each other ever since the Shirring Incident of 2011. I’ve pulled it out here and there but honestly? We just weren’t clicking anymore. It was time for an upgrade.

When I realized that my old Kenmore wasn’t going to cut it anymore, I decided it was time. So I shopped and shopped, researched and researched, and finally on Tuesday headed over and grabbed this bad boy:

Isn’t she a beauty!?

The only problem is that now I had left myself just 2 1/2 days to get a dress made for Lizzie’s picture! (What about Noah? I rarely make Noah’s clothes. I find boys clothes more difficult and it’s easier for me to buy store bought for him. I do make him other things though! He definitely gets a piece of the Handmade by Mama action!)

Mistake #1: I bought a new pattern for this (time sensitive, very specific) project. (The Tiered Twirl Dress found on YouCanMakeThis.com under Clothing Creation)

Mistake #2: I decided to give said new pattern a-go on the fabric I wanted her dress to be made from…meaning I didn’t give it a run through on scratch fabric first.

Not digging the sleeves.

The result:


I was less than pleased with the result. I still LOVE the fabric, but I wasn’t loving the bodice of the dress at all.

However, there is a pattern with a bodice I LOVE and I knew it could be mixed well with this new pattern. This morning, I sat down to get started on dress #2 (2 dresses in 2 days…yikes!) and although I do love the 2 patterns meshed together…I’m kind of frustrated still:

1. It’s too big.

2. I’m not loving the fabrics. 

So now, I’m torn. Which dress do I get her pictures taken in? I’m very short on time and other then hemming up the purple one, I don’t have much time for any other revisions.

I’m just not sure! I’d love for y’all to weigh in. 

Do you like dress #1?


Or dress #2?


Weigh in by commenting below! 

::Btw, notice there are no smiling pics in dress #2. She seemed really agitated when taking those pics and I only got her to stand against the fence for about 30 seconds before she ran over to me screaming. I picked her up to take her inside thinking she just wasn’t feeling the photo shoot when all of a sudden I looked at her very black foot. Black foot? OMG, she was COVERED in tiny black ants! I ran her over to the hose and started washing, frantically brushing the ants off her foot. I finally got them all off of her but look at her poor footsies now!


Poor baby! The benadryl cream I put on her really took the swelling down and her feet look much better now, but that’s what a drought in Texas will do to your yard! Looks like I’ll be calling pest control soon!

Interested in either of these patterns? They can be both be found on YouCanMakeThis.com.

  • Simply Sweet Tops & Dresses
  • The Tiered Twirl Dress
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29 thoughts on “2 Handmade Dresses Battle it Out! (Plus 2 Great Pattern Links!)”

  1. It looks like #2’s sleeves could be converted to cap sleeves without too much work but I definitely love it the most either way 🙂

  2. poor little one! That looks painful. Both dresses are absolutely adorable! I love dress #2. I love the colors on her.

  3. Awwww poor baby. I am glad she is better. Knowing how I am with my son’s I would have freaked out and called 911. You knew what to do and now after listening to how you handled it I know what to do in that situation. As for the dresses…I like them both, but #2 a little more 🙂

  4. Heather!! Those are so cute! I am going to need 5 of them 🙂 Her poor feet, I am so sorry! I hate ants and what they do to kids feet!

  5. I hate ants! Poor baby… Also I have decided that hydrocortizone works better on bug bites than benadryl, be sure and try some of that too. I like dress # 1. Can you open up the bodice and sew some elastic in there somewhere? That could help tighten it up and then when she grows into it, you can remove it.


  6. Pooor baby!!!! Poor poor baby!!! Will you be able to give her an oral chewable benadryl or liquid benadryl as well? That will help w/ the swelling also!!!!

    Ok, I like dress #2. I see what you’re saying about the bodice and I can’t put my finger on it… love the dress from the back. Like it from the front. Really cute material! May have to add this to my collection of projects to make and sell.

  7. Hopefully, pics will still happen w/o anymore sidelines. Our daughter, now 19, would have broken out in hives from the ant bites, then w/more hives w/medication & not looking very photogenic 😛 The patterns & colors of the purple dress really flatter Lizzie’s complexion. The blue one is darling, with a more casual flair. I also like the cap sleeves on the blue one. My thoughts: cinch 1 or 2 wide white ribbon ties around each sleeve of the purple dress. If you don’t add elastic to either dress, can you add a fabric tabs with coordinating buttons to help w/the multi size(grow with)? VERY CUTE!

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