25 Top Tex Mex Recipes: Tacos, Enchiladas, Beans and More!

Tex Mex Recipe Round Up

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Living in Texas, I take my Tex Mex food very seriously.

Awesome Tex Mex food is quick, cheap and readily available everywhere you turn down here.

Nothing is better than a homecooked meal though, and if you want to recreate the dishes you love from your favorite Tex Mex restaurant…I guarantee one of the 25 Tex Mex Recipes below will fit the bill.

Click the picture or the links below the picture to see the entire recipe. Please pin individual pictures on the bloggers site, but if you want to pin the entire wrap up, you can use the image above.


Enchilada Casserole. Words can’t describe how Tex Mex YUM this casserole is.

Chicken with Rice or Arroz Con Pollo is comfort food like you have NO idea. Make this recipe on a night you need something warm and filling. 

This Seven Layer Dip from Little House Living looks AMAZING!

These Ridiculously Easy Chicken tacos honestly couldn’t get any easier. The chicken only requires three ingredients (and one of them is duh…chicken).

Did you know that making your own taco seasoning is as simple as throwing a few pantry staples together? Super easy. Super delish.

We all have our favorite salsa. Mine is typically sweet with a hint of spice. I’d love to see how this Peach Salsa stacks up!

Slowcooker Bean and Cheese Fry bread. I seriously think I could eat this PICTURE it looks so good.

Everything about this Spicy pico de gallo with avocado Tex Mex recipe makes me happy happy happy.

Sazon is a common seasoning used in Tex Mex cooking. Make your own and it’s healthier AND cheaper.

Beef fajitas are the quintessential Tex Mex restaurant menu item. Make them at home and save a few bucks.

Honestly? I do know  how to make my own flour tortillas. I don’t because I’d weigh 700 lbs.

I’ve never really considered pasta to be Tex Mex. Until I saw this recipe for Tex Mex Bow Ties! This looks great.

Beef strips are an inexpensive cut of meat that can quickly be turned into a fabulous Tex Mex Dinner.

I’ll admit, I’m more of the “smash the avocado with lemon, salt and pepper” kind of guac girl. This…well this easy guacamole recipe might convert me.

These Creamy Chicken enchiladas look so creamy and so cheesy. I want these yesterday!


These skillet enchiladas cook up quickly and look amazing. 

I love a good warm and comforting soup. This Mexican Chicken and Rice soup comes with the slightest little kick!

Did you know you could make your own tortilla chips in the microwave? This was news to me!

Did somebody say carnitas? These carnitas and cheese taquitos will have you begging for more! Plus they are baked, not fried…so you can pretend to be all healthy and stuff.

Did you know that it’s super easy and super cheap to make your own refried beans? (plus they’ll taste better!)


Easy + Cheesy + Chicken Enchiladas make this a must have in your Tex Mex recipe arsenal!

These might not look like your typical ingredients for Tex Mex, but these crockpot chicken tacos (the second on our list…because let’s face it, crockpot chicken tacos are pretty much tex mex gold) look to die for! I don’t often consider Tex-Mex and Cajun as two cuisines that would go together, but I’m intrigued by these Cajun Chicken Enchiladas.

In the mood for some black bean soup? This dish has a secret ingredient!

You know we couldn’t finish off a Tex Recipe recipe wrap up without a nod to (faux) Fried Ice Cream, right?


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  1. OMGosh I am SO hungry right now for some Tex-Mex food! Thanks for including my recipe for Beef Fajitas. I see several recipes going on my meal plan for sure!

  2. Thanks for including my Creamy Chicken Enchiladas recipe! There are so many yummy recipes included here. It’s 9 a.m. and I’m already craving Mexican food 🙂 Great round-up!

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