3 Fun and Frugal Ways to Use Up Leftover Party Decorations

Leftover Party Decorations

Having birthday parties at home is a more budget-friendly way to celebrate birthdays, homecomings and anniversaries. A party really isn’t a party without balloons, streamers and colorful cups and plates. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on discount party supplies, but it always seems like there are leftovers.

Here are some ideas to help you find fun and creative ways to use up leftover party decorations.

Water Balloon Toss


Wait for a warm day when the kids are bored to organize a water balloon toss game. Pull out your extra packages of balloons. Fill them up outside with water from the hose and tie the end a tight knot. The more participants, the better. The idea is to be the last pair standing without a broken balloon.

Start the game with players lined up facing each other in pairs about a foot apart. At a signal, all players on one side begin with a gentle toss to their partner on the other side. Everyone takes a step back. After a signal, the partner tosses the water balloon back.

At some point, the water-filled balloons will fall short and hit the ground or be dropped. They will break and splatter, so make sure it’s in an area that’s all right to get wet.

Make a Fort

Use two or three plastic party table cloths draped over chairs to create a fort. Kids can be creative with make-believe or they can play cards or a boxed board game.

This is a fun activity for a rainy day when they’re complaining of boredom.


Use leftover party plates to make masks. Smaller children may need assistance cutting out holes for the eyes and mouth.

Give the kids some glue, paper punches, confetti, crepe paper streamers and other decorative odds and ends to make their own masks. Markers, crayons and buttons are also creative ways to dress up the plates.

Use curling ribbon to tie the masks onto their heads or hang up for all to see.

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