5 Toys for Educational and Creative Play On A Budget

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We all know that children (especially babies, toddlers and preschoolers) learn best through play!

It can be overwhelming to select from the many many educational toys out there. Parents want toys that will facilitate the correct balance of education and fun.

Of course, since this is Family Friendly FRUGALITY…we also have our budgets to consider!

Does your child need a giant playroom filled with every educational toy available at your local learning store? No way.

Here are 5 toys that provide fun and help children learn through play on a budget:


Find a set of blocks that come in different shapes and colors (this set is good!). A good set of blocks can help a toddler with their fine motor skills, allow for creative play and can also help with shape and color identification!

Crayons and Paper

You don’t need anything fancy! Crayons and paper can be found at your local dollar store. Color with your child. Write the alphabet and go over sounds. Draw shapes and numbers. Draw a barn with animals. Enjoy getting creative and make room for the artwork you are surely going to want to save.

Dolls and/or Stuffed Animals

Great for role playing, something all toddlers love to do! Let her be the mommy or him be the daddy for once. Dolls and stuffed animals are great for imaginative play, but a well selected stuffed animal (like Violet here…my daughter loves her Violet!) can also be educational. Stuffed animals/dolls can also serve as comfort objects.


You might argue that a book isn’t a toy. You are right, but being read to is so essential in those early years! Books are wonderful. They can be toy like as well. Look for pop up books, books with 4D concepts and books with sound buttons (like these).


Shape sorting puzzles are great for learning shapes and great for motor skills. Regular puzzles are excellent for problem solving skills and motor skills as well. Here is a shape sorter we had and really enjoyed!

They grow so fast. They don’t need expensive toys to learn. With a bit of creativity and these old standby toys, you can educate, entertain and enrich your little one’s playtime on a budget!

Do you have anything to add to this list? Comment below! 

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  1. Thank you for this list of inexpensive educational toys. It is vital to invest in your child’s education and it is great when you can do it on a budget.

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