50,000 Facebook Like $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Facebook 50K Giveaway

When I first started this site several years ago, I never dreamed it would be anything more then a place to direct my family and friends who wanted to learn more about couponing.

I did not have big ambitious goals for the site and to be entirely honest I’m not sure I even had the slightest inkling as to what I was really getting myself into.

Somehow, here we are though.

A BIG milestone was hit the other day.

Social media #’s can be considered “vanity numbers” and I’m the first to admit that a small small percentage of my “likes” on Facebook actually see any given update that I post.

50,000 likes though…that has to be celebrated! 

Within that 50,000 likes are those first 10-20-100 that liked my page in those early early days and that have stuck around for years now. 

Within that 50,000 likes are friends. Real life friends and family who support me and lift me up even if what I do isn’t something that they really have a passion for. They follow my site to support me and I can’t tell you what that means to me. 

Within that 50,000 likes are new friends. People that I only know via the internet, but who are just as near and dear to me as the friend I can sit down with coffee with in my kitchen. 

50,000 likes…THANK YOU!

As a BIG thank you for being one of my 50,000 likes…I am going to give away a $100 Amazon gift card to one lucky Facebook fan. 

To enter is easy.

As with ALL of my giveaways, make sure you are a confirmed email subscriber (subscribe here and be sure you hit the confirm link that is sent to your email address).

Then just be sure you are a facebook fan!

Fill out the rafflecopter form below to submit your entries!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will go until 2/25. I will pick a winner (after verifying they are both a Facebook fan and a confirmed email subscriber) and contact them to email their $100 Amazon e-giftcard.

This giveaway comes out of my own pocket and is not sponsored by Facebook OR Amazon. It is my small way of thanking all of you for being a part of the Family Friendly Frugality community. Without you, 50K likes would never have happened.

Thank you!

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Heather is the creator and owner of Family Friendly Frugality. She calls Texas home and is married to her best friend. With 2 children 22 months apart, she has her hands full. So full that she decided to start blogging as a hobby. That hobby blew up into a full time job. Now she's got the husband, the kids and the blog. We're not exactly sure what she was thinking, but she's too busy for us to ask. Find Me On Google +

22 thoughts on “50,000 Facebook Like $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!”

  1. What an awesome giveaway! Thank you for the chance! I receive your email already and have been a fan of facebook for I am not sure how long actually. I know it has been awhile. I know I can sure use this right now and am so glad I read the email about this so I could enter it.

  2. I love this page!! I look at it ever time I’m on FB and I’ve used a lot of your coupons already.. Thanks and please keep your coup s coming!! 🙂

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