A Day In the Life: We Love Juice & #Walmart!

I was one of those moms that was very hesitant to give my children juice! In fact, my son probably had less than five servings of juice in his first 2 years of life!

After my daughter was born, I relaxed a bit more and started reading juice labels. We were struggling with our son eating fewer and fewer fruits and vegetables and I was desperate to get those vitamins into him however I could!

We started giving him the V8 fusion (the strawberry/banana) and to our delight, he loved it!

Now it’s not a total substitution for fruits and veggies, but the ingredients make me feel good about what we’re giving him and the fact that he drinks it willingly is a huge plus.

In fact, we all drink this juice now!

We were running low on juice and we needed to head out to get some more so we decided to head on over to Walmart.

I didn’t need to do a full grocery shopping trip, but did have a few things on my list. Including some baby gifts for a friend’s new baby.

I printed out a couple of coupons and grabbed a few more for items I might pick up as well and we were out the door (I keep my lists on Evernote. Just makes things easier!).

We had a few errands to run that day, so we went to JoAnn’s and the bank first. By the time we got to Walmart, my kids were starving and I decided to treat them to McDonald’s! Our Walmart has a McDonald’s right inside so we were able to start shopping immediately after they ate.

Next we headed over to the juice aisle! Every kind of juice you can imagine in every shape and size. I knew we wanted to get our special V8 juice, but I also needed to pick up some juice boxes. Here was Noah’s choice!


I grabbed 3 bottles of the V8. There were plenty of generic options available, but juice is something we are pretty picky about and one of the few things we’re brand loyal to. I’m definitely not opposed to generic and have had great success with Walmart’s generic brand, but when you are in a hurry with both kids, label reading can be a bit of a pain!

Next we headed over to the bread aisle and grabbed some bread for sandwiches.


At this point, my daughter informed me that she had to GO! She’s still pretty new to the whole underwear in public thing, so we rushed to the restroom! So thankful Walmart has full restrooms in the front AND back of the store!


The rest of our trip was spent grabbing some snacks, gifts and clothing (you can see full details of our shopping trip over on Google +!) .

I had 2 of the juice bottles in the basket and one up in the cart area by my daughter. We ended up going through self checkout and I guess I got a bit frazzled because after I paid and we were about to walk away, my daughter called my attention to the juice bottle sitting next to her! Oops! I quickly scanned and paid for it and we were on our way!

I’m so glad we stocked up on our favorite juice at Walmart. The prices are great and you can pretty much find everything you need!

What is the favorite juice of your family? Do you all like the same kind (like us) or different varieties?


Disclaimer: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias All opinions are my own!

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