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Welcome to Family Friendly Frugality!

My name is Heather. I started Family Friendly Frugality because I wanted a way to help others learn how to find great deals and save their family money!

My motto is that if you save wherever you can, then you have more freedom to spend wherever you want!

Does that sound good to you? Alright, let’s get started!

About Me:

First off, if you want to learn more about me in depth…I encourage you to read my About Me page. In short though, I’m a wife and mom of 2 living in the great state of Texas! I started using coupons and shopping sales to save my  family money and it caught the interest of everyone around me. I decided it would be great to have one place to share everything I’ve learned (and am still learning!), so I started Family Friendly Frugality! It’s a mix of everything you could ever want to know, buy or do to live a fun, frugal lifestyle.

About Family Friendly Frugality:

Let me be clear, I teach strategic shopping here. I’m not an extreme couponer and I never will be. A few things I don’t believe in:

  • Clearing shelves
  • Coupon fraud or unethical usage of coupons
  • Putting your family into discomfort due to excessive couponing/stockpiling

A few things I do believe in:

  • Getting the most bang for my buck
  • Maximizing my dollar to the fullest possible extent
  • Enjoying life to it’s fullest!

Let’s Start With Strategic Shopping!

First off, you’ll notice a tab on the navigation bar, specifically devoted to Strategic Shopping! I add to that tab all the time, as I learn more ways to save money…so will you!

Here are some good How To articles to start off with though:

You should also check out my series on Couponing 101 AND Stockpiling 101.

I also encourage you to sign up for my totally free ebook, “Save Money in 7 Days”. My free e-book is free to my email subscribers and will walk you through a week of coupon shopping from start to finish!

Features of Family Friendly Frugality

Here are some of the most widely used features here on Family Friendly Frugality:

  • Coupon Database-find coupons for pretty much anything you can think of! If there’s a coupon for it, it’s in my database
  • Coupons-the latest coupons
  • Deals-the latest hot deals
  • Freebies-the latest freebies

You can access all of those features from the top navigation bar of FFF.

I actually made a You Tube video walking you through navigating the site as well.

Don’t Miss These Articles!

I’ve had a few series of posts and stand alone articles that have really resonated with FFF readers! You might find you enjoy them as well:

You can read all the articles on FFF…there are tons!

Also don’t miss:

  • Make a Change Monday-Making small changes in your life can really add up big time!
  • Tot Tuesday-Fun recipes, activities and more…for kids!
  • Worked for Me Wednesday– Learn a little bit more about what works for me!
  • Frugal Recipes-I post a frugal recipe at least once a week!
  • Reviews and Giveaways (see sidebar for current active giveaways at any time)- I’m pretty much always reviewing something and giving fun stuff away!
  • Wordless Wednesday– A little peek into our life, through pictures!

Be sure to stick around!

Go ahead and bookmark the site in your browser so you can easily come back each day.

In addition you can also subscribe by email, follow me on twitter and of course my thriving community on Facebook is always excited to have new members!

Now head on over to the home page and see what’s hot right now!

Do you have questions? Email me: heather @
I do earn money from this blog. You can read my privacy policy and my disclosure policy AND the faq’s for more info!



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  1. Trying to start a discussion to enter the contest for All You mag and can’t figure out how!! lol

  2. Just stumbled upon your website…I am very excited to read all the great money saving tips & coupon information! Thanks!

  3. Howdy Heather!!! Wanted to give ya a shout out! Im in Bastrop (By Austin) and just found your blog! Im new to Coupons and so excited to learn!

    Keep helping us! HAHA


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