Announcing: Family Friendly Frugality Amazon Gift Code Scavenger Hunt!

Hey readers….wonderful readers! Have I told you all lately how much I love you?

I’m not sure I have?

I’ll be fixing that this week though. 

Throughout this week, I’ll be hiding Amazon Gift Codes throughout my site.

I’ll put them on the site without warning and it will be up to you to check back and find them each day!

The gift codes will vary in value. The lowest value gift code will be $2 and the highest will be worth $25. 

When you see a gift code, you’ll want to run over to Amazon and open up Your Account. Scroll down to Apply a Gift Card to Your Account and copy/paste the entire code into the field provided.

If your account is credited, that means that that gift code is YOURS! If not, it means that someone else got there first, but don’t worry there will be more 😉

Where can you expect to find the gift codes? 

  • On the Home page
  • On the Strategic Shopping page
  • On the Coupon Database page
  • On any of the posts from that day

There will be 10 codes total. I’ll most likely put up 2 a day. And who knows, if y’all really get into it? Maybe I’ll throw some extras in as well!

Be sure to add to your bookmarks! I won’t be announcing when codes are available, so you’ll have to check back often!

Thank you so much for being such great readers. I hope you have fun with this little scavenger hunt 😉 .


This hunt starts today and ends on Friday March 16, 2012. That said, there might not be a code everyday and there might be multiple codes on one day!

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