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For my birthday, my husband bought me a bread machine.

I’ve wanted a bread machine for a long time. I enjoy making homemade bread, but for some reason my loaves never come out good for much more than toast. I certainly wouldn’t want to eat a sandwich with the rock hard loaves I seemed to make on my own.

So yesterday when I opened up a big box from Amazon and I saw my bread maker I knew I had to make bread. ASAP.

Only I didn’t have any bread flour. So out we went to the store to buy some bread flour and run a few other errands. We didn’t get back until late and we had to bathe and put the kids to bed. So I started making my bread around 7:30. Don’t do that if you intend to go to bed before 10.
Luckily my husband stays up late every night so I asked him to wake me if I fell asleep (I go to bed earlier so I can read every night, or lately play Every Word or Shuffled Row on my Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 6″ Display, White, 3G Works Globally – Latest Generation.).
I managed to stay awake until it was time to get the bread out and took it out of the machine and put it on the wire rack. It looked good, and I wanted a taste, but you are supposed to let it sit for about 20 minutes and I did not have that in me at the time. So I went to bed dreaming of bread.

Woke up this morning and sliced into the bread to make toast for the kids. Let me tell you, I never knew homemade bread could be as soft and moist! The outside is crusty and thin and the inside was firm enough for a sandwich, but moist enough that I could make a pbj out of it if I wanted.

I made just a simple loaf, the most basic of basics, last night because I didn’t want to do anything too complicated. My hope though is to find a high fiber honey wheat recipe to replace the current bread we buy in store. We go through about 2 loaves a week and at almost $3 a loaf, I know I can make a cheaper alternative at home.

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