Buying Cheap Baby Clothes Online With EBay

cheap baby clothes online

A little known secret for stocking up on cheap baby clothes online is eBay.

Especially at the newborn stages, there is a lot of baby clothing out there – and much of it never even gets worn more than once or twice (and sometimes never at all)!

One thing people tend to overbuy when they’re expecting – or someone they know is expecting – is baby clothing.

And that means that there can be drawers full of clothes that one little newborn can’t possibly wear out before his or her next growth spurt, which always seems to come more quickly than you’d expect.

Here are a few tips for buying cheap baby clothes online with eBay:

1. Shop by brand. Choose your favorite brand or two and search by that to find singular outfits or several outfits from one seller.

2. Shop by lot. Rather than purchasing each individual outfit separately, like you might in a store, eBay allows you to shop by “lot”, which makes buying cheap baby clothes online even simpler. Search by your baby’s size (don’t forget to leave room for growth!) and use the term “lot” in your search – and you’ll be able to pull up entire wardrobes for sale in that size. For instance, try searching for “baby clothes 18-24 months lot” brings up over 1,600 listings. If you find one you like and you’re able to score a great “lot” of clothing for the particular size your baby needs, you could have your baby clothes shopping done with just one click. How easy is that?

3. Consolidate purchases. If you stumble on one seller with a similar taste in baby clothes, check out their other options. If you can find more than one purchase from the same seller, you may be able to save on shipping costs, which is always a good thing.

4. Read thoroughly. Be sure to read those descriptions thoroughly before placing your bids. Sellers will often tell you exactly what the condition of the clothing is – and sometimes in great detail. Descriptions also include information about shipping and return policies (or sometimes the lack of one). Make sure you check these out and read everything through carefully before placing your bids.

You can definitely find some great deals at eBay when buying cheap baby clothes online!

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