Canvas People: Help Me Choose This Year’s Bluebonnet Pic Pretty Please?

So last year, we took one of our bluebonnet pictures and made a free 8×10 canvas from Canvas People with it:


Review of Canvas People

It hangs in our hallway, and it makes me so happy. I’ve decided I want to keep up the tradition and order one with this year’s bluebonnet pictures as well! The quality of our first canvas is fantastic and I love the idea of starting a tradition with this.

Unfortunately this was a less then stellar year for bluebonnets here in Texas, and our pictures are kind of sad and depressing! So I was hoping y’all could help me choose? Which pic should I use for this year’s bluebonnet canvas?



Please vote in the comments! I really can’t decide!

You can get a free 8×10 canvas too (you pay shipping, it’s around $15) if you click here. Super easy to do and GREAT for graduation presents.

Or if you want something a bit bigger, you can take $50 off the price of any canvas.

Click here to order your FREE canvas from Canvas People! I hope you are as happy with yours as we are with ours!


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14 thoughts on “Canvas People: Help Me Choose This Year’s Bluebonnet Pic Pretty Please?”

  1. The expression of the kids in #1 is very cute. I am a photographer and would recommend cropping the shot in a bit tighter. You can also increase the saturation, making the greenery and bluebonnets pop a bit more.

    1. Crop it in tighter? All around or just up top and on the sides? I definitely might play with the color a bit. I’m not that great at photoshop yet though!

  2. They’re both sweet pictures. I think I’d choose # 2 though. Something about your little boy looking at his sister is just too precious!!

  3. Hard decision!!! I think?? I’d choose #2 because I like the sky background instead of the trees, also it focuses a bit more on the bluebonnets and it doesn’t look as empty bluebonnet-wise as #1???

    But either way I think you’ve got a winner!!

  4. I think #1. I like the idea of a picture with their daddy, but the facial expressions on the 1st are better.

  5. I think #1 because you don’t want a family picture with just one parent and the one with just the two babies would be a great addition to the family picture from last year! After all, parents don’t change much but the little ones change every year! Plus I would make the greens and blues pop out more as suggested! Beautiful family by the way, and those babies are just adorable! :)

  6. #1 and then I vote you and your husband get someone to take a picture of the 2 of you by the blue bonnets & order two canvas!


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