FREE Editable Google Drive Schedule For Distance Learning!!!

Suddenly find yourself overwhelmed with Distance Learning? With one kid in elementary school and one kid in Junior High, I initially looked at all of the assignments coming in and immediately felt completely overwhelmed! My kids (the junior high one specifically) felt the same.

My kids are not used to getting a week’s worth of work and then figuring out how to pace themselves through it all on their own!

So here’s what we did…I created a quick Google Drive schedule for both kids and then sat down with them and broke things down day by day.

We do not have times on our schedule because honestly, we are not trying to mimic the regular school day here.

When they finish, they finish.

This week the workload was rather light while the school district figured out how to streamline everything, but I can already tell, next week will be more rigorous and the plan is to do more than just review old content, but also to introduce new content.

This is why I think having a plan is SO important.

I decided to share this schedule with everyone because it was honestly such a lifeline for us this week. Distance Learning was NOT stressful for us because we had it all mapped out!

I hope you can use this schedule and adapt it to your own needs!

A few tips:

  1. First, you’ll need to make a copy of this on your own google drive to edit it. You could also download it and open it in excel, but I’m not making any promises that the formatting won’t be wonky!
  2. Next, you can edit this spreadsheet however you need to! Make it work for you and your family! I just threw some random “assigments” in there so you can see what it looks like when it is all filled out.
  3. If you choose to print (I printed for both of my kids!), I have found that highlighting JUST the schedule itself and then printing “current selection” on landscape produces the best looking printed copy.

I hope this helps y’all out!

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