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Sleep Away Camp Essentials & Camping Hacks for Boy Scout Camping, Summer Camp, Etc

My son went to Boy Scout camp for the FIRST time a few weeks ago! He has been a Cub Scout since he was just a tiny little Tiger (1st grade), but for the most part, all of our camping has been family camping.

This was his first week long camp without myself or my husband present.

(trying to save up money to send your little one to sleep away camp? Learn how to create some wiggle room in your budget!)

To say I was a bit of a basket case as we drove away from dropping him off would be an understatement. However, he survived (and actually, I would say he THRIVED!) and when he came home we went over what worked well and what didn’t.

I figured these camping tips/camping hacks would be helpful for any parent sending their kid off for camp, so I decided to share it here on my FFF.

What worked:

Pack it all in a trunk

This was a Boy Scout recommendation, but honestly from now on, anytime either of my kids go on any kind of extended stay, we’ll be packing everything in a trunk!

These trunks are super affordable and tough. They also roll! We purchased ours at Academy, but you can also get it shipped right to your door from Amazon.

Write up a packing list

Our Boy Scout troop provided us with a basic packing list. Most likely, whatever camp your kiddo is attending will provide you with a packing list as well. Print out that packing list and use it to pack (of course), but also add to it where necessary.

My son had a few different bags with him. A day pack (his day pack is very similar to this one), a pack to go to the shower, a bag for when he went swimming, etc. We put a detailed list of what was in each bag on the packing list. 

We also gave him a highlighter so he could use the packing list as a reference when it was time to come home. Unfortunately, his tent mate left their tent wide open during a particularly heavy down pour and the packing list was ruined. Thankfully, he returned with all of his property.

He did say the breakdown of what was in each bag was super helpful though when he couldn’t find something he needed.

Send letters/care packages with your kiddo

This was a big one for us! My son LOVED this. Myself, my husband and my daughter all wrote my son letters. We split the care packages into one per day and told him that he had to follow the rule of only opening one per day!

My letters were very “Jesus loves you, so be good!” haha. My husband’s letters were basically a funny story that built on each day (I was dying laughing as I was reading them!). And my daughter basically wrote him video game references that she knew would annoy him.

I snuck in some fun items too:

Day 1 (first full day) – A journal with a few pens/pencils in hopes he would journal his week (he started to do this, and was excited to do this, but the journal was a casualty of the open tent during the rain storm 🙁 )

Day 2 – A few word search/sudoku puzzle books from the dollar store

Day 3 – Some flavor blasted goldfish, his fave! (although he told me next time, don’t pack these…because bears, duh)

Day 4 – Candy (starburst!)

Day 5 – Cash (we sent him with cash for the week, but figured by Friday he probably would be all out, so we thought it would be a fun last day treat)

Day 6 – A promise of something fun at home.

Package outfits in individual ziploc bags

This might not work for older kids, or if you are packing cold weather clothing. My son was going to be wearing t-shirts and shorts all week though, so this made life SO much easier (and was a LIFESAVER when his tent got wet…none of his clean clothes were wet! Because they were in ziploc bags!)

I have used this method of packing on vacations too. It works beautifully!

Send clothespins to hang wet items

Okay, full disclosure…he said he didn’t use these. I can tell by smelling his towel/swimsuit that this is true. Yuck. That was the grossest laundry I have EVER done. Regardless, maybe your kid will use them. I know I’ll bring clothespins camping with us from now on!

Next time, I think I’ll purchase some of these to send with him. I suspect these would get more use!

Send empty plastic grocery sacks for various trash/clothing items that get especially gross

Yes. Yes. Yes. You will have DISGUSTING laundry to do when your kid gets home. There is nothing you can do to change this. It will happen. You will open up their trunk and you will wonder what died in there?

However, the plastic grocery sacks can make things better. He was smart and put his super wet stuff in these bags.


Get a black sharpie and go to town on everything. EVERYTHING. Chances are, every kid in your kid’s cabin/tent/troop/etc will have similar items. If you want them to come home with what you sent them with, LABEL EVERYTHING. This includes clothing!

His camp chair and his cot (this is the cot he has, it’s great!), his flashlights, his water bottles, everything!

Send water shoes/shower shoes

Foot fungus. Enough said.

A spritz/fan can help a lot!

This was my son’s contribution to this post. I asked him what the MOST important thing was that he packed for his trip. He said a spray bottle with a fan (with extra batteries). This was one of those, eh…whatever I’ll just throw it in the cart purchases, but he said it really made a difference.

Where he camped, they only had 90 minutes of air conditioning a day (I know this because anytime we complain about being hot since he has been home, he likes to remind us about how he went a week with only 90 minutes of air conditioning a day, LOL) . The rest of the time he was out in the hot July Texas sun. He said this made a HUGE difference for his comfort and his experience.

My son had a GREAT time at Boy Scout camp. The memories he made and the experiences he packed into that one week make me feel good about the investment of money, time and how desperately I missed him.

Would I send him again? In a heartbeat!

Are you an old pro at sending your kids off to camp? Any camping essentials tips for me? Comment below! 

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Great Wolf Lodge – You Can Finally Purchase a Day Pass! PLUS Kids 2 & Under are FREE!

Does your family love Great Wolf Lodge? We sure do! Historically, you had to actually stay at Great Wolf Lodge to enjoy the water park.

Thankfully, now Great Wolf Lodge is offering 1 day passes! PLUS, kids 2 and under are completely free!

This one day Great Wolf Lodge pass includes:

  • All-day fun at our 84-degree indoor water park
  • Free life jackets for all the family
  • Access to over 50 activities, including our Adventure Park with ropes course, rock wall, bowling, arcade and more*
  • Live Entertainment and character appearances
  • Restaurants and stores at your service
  • Exclusive Member Deals.
  • Free passes for kids under 2.

This is awesome news!

You can (and should) buy your pass online and pick it up at the front desk.

FYI, there are a limited number of day passes available each day and your cost will depend on the day of the week/season and the location you are going to. It does NOT seem like a cheap option to be honest, especially when you consider that Great Wolf Lodge is regularly available for great discounts on When I looked at some close dates at the one in Grapevine, the range was from $90-$125 a day and it did NOT seem to give a multi ticket discount.

Ouch! That’s pretty pricey!

Here are some more details regarding the Great Wolf Lodge One Day Pass:

  • Purchase passes online or through Customer Service at 800-905-9653.
  • Towels are available for purchase, or you are welcome to bring your own.
  • Lockers are available to rent on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Coolers and outside food will have to stay in the car! Our lodges offer a number of delicious dining options.

However, it would be a great option if you live close by the resort, or have friends/family that you stay with that live close to the resort.


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It’s that time of year! Entertainment Books are currently on sale for just $8 on! Just use the coupon code FLASH at checkout.

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Apple Camp Open for Registration NOW! – Free Camp (Spots are Limited!)

Looking for something fun, hands on and interactive for the kids to do this summer. Apple Camp is currently open for registration right now!

Apple Camp is completely free and my kids LOVE it!

Kids ages 8–12 will explore their creativity through fun, hands-on projects across four tracks ranging from coding to art & design.

Head on over here to sign up. Spots are limited and the classes fill up fast!

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If you are planning a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood AND you are a Costco Member, you can grab a Universal Studios Hollywood 3-Visit Ticket for just $139.99.

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2019 FREE Admission to National Parks Dates (Next Free Date 4/20/19! )

Each year, National Parks offer FREE admission on certain days .

Here are the dates for 2019:

– Jan. 21st: Martin Luther King Jr Birthday
– April 20th: 1st day of National Park Week
– Aug. 25th: National Park Service Birthday
– Sept. 28th: National Public Lands Day
– November 11th: Veterans Day

Also, remember that 4th graders get free entrance to National Parks for themselves and their families all year long!

**Fine Print: Fee waiver includes: entrance fees, commercial tour fees, and transportation entrance fees. Other fees such as reservation, camping, tours, concession and fees collected by third parties are not included unless stated otherwise.


Free LEGO May Tantive Model Minibuild – Register Today!

CLICK HERE to register now for May’s monthly mini model build! Event dates available are on May 3-6, 2019.

Quantities are limited to approximately 120 per store per night and time reservations are on a first come first serve basis, so be sure to sign up as soon as possible.

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Free Build & Grow Event at Lowe’s – Chalkboard Planter (Just in Time For Mother’s Day!)


Lowe’s next Build & Grow Event will be held on May 11, 2019 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m..

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