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Amazon Prime is a program that Amazon offers usually as a paid service. You are eligible for FREE two day shipping on anything that is labeled “Prime” (which is most things). Combine this with the 30% off Subscribe and Save sale on diapers and wipes and you can score some incredibly cheap diapers and wipes.

They are offering 3 months free to Moms, Dads or caregivers of children in general. Go sign up!

It’s National Sewing Month!

I have to admit, I never knew such a thing existed. But apparently it’s also National Coupon Month, National Back to School month, and who knows what else!

In honor of National Sewing Month… is having a great sale.

Save 15% off any purchase of $40-$99.99 at with code “SEW1510”!  Excludes sewing machines; expires 9/13/10
Use code “SEW2010” and get 20% off any purchase of $100-$149.99 or more at! Offer valid through 9/13/10.
Use code “SEW2510” at and save 25% off any purchase of $150 and up! Offer valid through 9/13/10

How will I be celebrating National Sewing Month? Well I’ll be stash busting. I have waaay too much fabric just laying around and I really do better when I buy specifically per project. Otherwise I wind up with *cough*20yards*cough* of excess fabric….
Wish me luck!

Proof that you can save money AND eat healthy

So after church today we trekked over to Froberg Farm. It’s always such a treat to go there because it is kind of far from us. At least 30 minutes away. Well worth the drive though. We walk around with the kids and they point out all the different fruits and veggies and help us pick the freshest ones. It’s pretty educational.

As we walked around we put anything in our cart that looked good and fresh. I picked up some herbs to freeze and plenty of salsa making supplies (for our freezer burritos! more on that later). The kids got to sample some watermelon so of course we had to buy one!

I also found poppy seeds and sesame seeds in bulk for only $3 a bag! A great find since they are super expensive at the grocery store.

Total we spent $28 on produce. Some of it will be eaten this week, some frozen, some used to make broths. That is about triple the produce I can generally get at the grocery store for the same price.

Kroger and Randall’s were good to me today as well. I walked out saving 36% and 30% respectively. This wasn’t a big coupon trip though. Mainly necessities and taking advantage of the chicken deals ($1.88 chicken breast, $.77 chicken thighs).

Kroger…not pictured 2 gallons of milk


All together we spent $104 on groceries this week. We have a fridge bursting at the seems with fresh produce and plenty of supplies for scratch cooking. In fact I’m about to put the ingredients for our bread in the bread maker right now.

I also did some freezer cooking today:

  • burritos made with sausage, egg, cheese and green onions
  • chicken broth
  • shredded chicken for several meals
  • salsa
  • froze some fruits, veggies and herbs

I used to STRUGGLE to keep to our $150 a week food budget. I’d come home sheepishly and admit I spent $180…and it wouldn’t even last us the whole week. To be honest, I didn’t even NEED to go grocery shopping this week. I could have gotten some milk and we would have been just fine. We have fruit, veggies, and meat frozen. We have a pantry filled to the brim with staples.

You can save money and eat healthy!

Lane Bryant Buy One Pair of Jeans get one 50% off

Buy one pair of jeans, leggings or jeggings (jeggings? what are those? LOL) and get the second pair for 50% off.
I LOVE Lane Bryant jeans. They are really well made!

Also take an additional 50% off Summer Blowout items  with code 000505772.

If you spend over $100, you qualify for Free Shipping.

Go through Ebates and get 3% cashback on your purchase! For more info on Ebates, read my post here.
There are several coupons that might be good to combine with these sales if you go through Ebates.

Happy Shopping!

About Me

Hi! My name is Heather and clearly I have a passion for savings. I started shopping with strategy a few months ago and very quickly became amazed at my savings. How with just a little planning, a little compromise and a LOT of passion I could save my family over 50% a month on all of our basic (and not so basic!) needs. Most of the time I can save us anywhere from 75%-90%. I am unwilling to compromise on a few things though, I will not buy junk and I will not let the coupons rule my spending.
Coupons are a marketing tool designed to get you to go out and buy a product even though you normally wouldn’t. Have you ever had the desire to save money, bought the sunday paper, cut out the coupons (observing that most of them were for junk food of course) and went to the store determined to save money, when you realized that even with a coupon…the store brand is the better deal? I know I did. The thing is, there is a time and a place for coupons, and it’s generally not the week they come in the paper. With this blog I hope to teach others what I have learned and pass on A Passion for Savings!

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