Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Free Printable (Updated for 2018!)

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

2 years ago, we found a Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt online and printed it out for our annual drive around town.

It was SO  much fun.

However, some of the items were just impossible for us to find. People around here don’t really put Santa on their roofs and you don’t often find streets where only one house is undecorated.

This year, I made the lofty goal that we were going to find EVERYTHING on our Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt list!

Except…I cheated 😉

I made our own list! Everything on this list is manageable and I know (from experience) that we’ll find multiple instances of each and every item on this list in the surrounding neighborhoods.

The prize is that once we find everything on the list, we get to come home and have a special Christmas treat!

I decided to share the printable list with y’all. It might not fit your needs, but you can always change it up or play it however you like.

EDIT in 2018: Guess what!!! I have made an UPDATED printable! Or you can just look at it on your mobile device. Either way…I hope you enjoy! 

Click here to print the 2018 Christmas light scavenger hunt!

Or click here to print the previous scavenger hunt!

Or click on this image to print the full size Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

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7 thoughts on “Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Free Printable (Updated for 2018!)”

  1. Thank you for the fun list. We also would never find a Santa on a roof around here. These look very doable and the children love going on Scavenger Hunts!

  2. there is a local house that has all of these…The house with all white lights is their children’s playhouse.

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