Coleman 8 Person Tent On Sale Plus A Review On The Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent! (On Sale $95)

Coleman 8 Person Tent On Sale – Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent
coleman montana tent review

I originally posted this review of our Coleman 8 Person Tent (the Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent) in 2013! We have now had this Coleman 8 person tent for over 5 years and it has been SO good to us. We paid $130, so $95 is a steal! 

We went camping this past weekend and we used our tent for the first time.

What our “set up” looks like with the Coleman 8 Person Tent. Nowadays we typically also bring a canopy as well to put over our table.

We purchased the Coleman Montana 8 Tent after reading a LOT of reviews and looking in some local stores as well. Amazon had BY FAR the best price (everyone else wanted $200+ for this tent. Amazon has it for $94.97).


The tent was great. It was big and roomy and perfect for our family of 4. To honestly sleep 8 people…you’d be crammed in pretty tightly with very little room for belongings, but if that works for you than go for it 😉 .

This Coleman 8 Person tent was pretty easy to set up. I say that, because it was set up for the very first time in the dark! We arrived at the campsite pretty late and it was pretty darn dark by the time we got there.

My only gripe about this tent is the lack of an “entryway” on the ground. there isn’t much of a doormat. But we are planning to purchase a tarp to put under our whole tent before we go camping next time, and we’ll be sure to purchase a tarp with plenty of space to go in front of the tent as a doormat (we did this, it works perfectly!)

I wish I had taken a picture of the inside, but it would have been kind of awkward to get a good picture!

There are cheaper tents we considered, but based on reviews and our family’s needs, we went with the Coleman Montana 8 Tent and we are very happy!

I should note that it did rain slightly during our trip (not a huge downpour, but significant enough that we took cover in the tent) and we stayed perfectly dry the entire time.

We also purchased this lantern for our trip and it worked great. We hung it from the top of our tent (with a bungee) and used it to walk through the woods to get to the bathroom at night:

Coleman Rugged LED Lantern (Camouflage)



Disclaimer: We paid our own money for these items and this is not a sponsored review. These are my honest opinions. These are affiliate links in the post though.

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