Cool Cuts: My Review of Cool Cuts 4 Kids

Isn't he adorable? Love this little guy!

This is a story of a boy who hates to get his haircut. Actually, scratch that…this is the story of a boy who has valued his personal space highly, pretty much since 30 seconds after birth.

This boy is my son, Noah.

Noah is 4 years old now, and believe it or not, he actually enjoys getting his hair cut nowadays!

It wasn’t always this way. We got his first haircut when he was about 9 months old.

Here’s his before:

And his after:


And this? Well this is his “during”:


Needless to say, haircuts pretty much went that way for the next 2 1/2 years of his life. He’s just never been a fan of people intruding on his personal space, he was the same way at the doctor, during diaper changes, you name it!

I know he’s not alone.

Tons of kids hate getting their hair cut. The fear can be different for all of them. For some, they don’t understand that it’s not going to hurt. For others, they just don’t like sitting still for so long.

The truth is, cutting kids hair is not for the weak or unskilled. That’s why, since day 1, we have taken our children to get their hair cut at Cool Cuts 4 Kids.

At Cool Cuts 4 Kids, they “get” kids. They understand that even though getting hair cuts is necessary, it’s not necessarily an enjoyable experience for a rowdy toddler.

Cool Cuts 4 Kids is the nation’s largest haircare chain specifically designed with kids (and parents) in mind. Combining fun, convenience and a kid-friendly environment, Cool Cuts 4 Kids salons feature two entertainment zones complete with the latest and greatest technology to occupy and entertain. From video games and movies for the kids to cool haircuts and great products for the entire family, Cool Cuts 4 Kids strives to make every haircut fun 4 kids and easy 4 parents!

How cool is that? My kids get to sit in a little fire truck and watch Mickey or Dora while they get their haircut!

If your child is hesitant to get their haircut, the stylists are so understanding and accommodating as well.

They also have an awesome Rewards Club for those of you (who like me!) have children that need to get their hair cut often:

As a member of The Cool Cuts 4 KidsCool Rewards Club, the savings (and fun) will never stop! Sign up at a nearby store – it’s FREE, easy and the perfect way to start saving!

Check out the cool perks you receive as a Cool Rewards Club member:

  • 1 point for every regularly priced service ($11.95 or higher)
  • Reward coupons for reaching 4, 8 and 13 points, emailed right to your inbox
  • 20% off all retail products the day you join
  • 10% off Cool Cuts 4 Kids haircare products
  • 5% off all other haircare products
  • Advance notice of fun specials and promotions

Very cool!

Right now you can even print out a $5 off coupon to Cool Cuts 4 Kids if you are a new customer.

We love Cool Cuts 4 Kids and aside from one botched at home haircut, every single haircut we’ve given our children have been done by Cool Cuts 4 Kids!

If you want to find a location near you, you can find one here.

The picture at the top of this post is Noah’s most recent haircut, he asked for spiky hair…and they delivered!


Disclaimer: I was provided with a gift card to facilitate my review. Clearly I have a long history with Cool Cuts 4 Kids though, so it in no way influenced my opinions!


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  1. I remember when Noah was little, how you dreaded getting his hair cut! But I also remember when the tides turned, you were SOOOO excited!

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