Day 17-Spring Cleaning for the Rest of Us: 30 Days to a Cleaner, Fresher Home

Spring Cleaning

The Challenge:

I have started a series titled, “Spring Cleaning for the Rest Of Us-30 Days to a Cleaner, Fresher Home“. We will be going off of Martha’s spring cleaning checklist here and completing each major task, only we’ll be doing just 1 a day.

Now, I know some of you will likely go on vacation or get sick or maybe you don’t do housework on Sundays…and that’s fine. You’ll just have to double up some other days (or go a bit longer than 30 days). It’s also likely that there will be a day that doesn’t apply to you (maybe it’s a day we wax our floors and none of your floors are the type to need waxing), so you get that day off. Some of you might also have older kids that can help out with some of the more complex tasks, that’s fine too! I encourage you to get the whole family involved, cleaning is everyone’s job .

All that matters is that we get this stuff done, without getting even further behind on our day to day housekeeping.

***Day 17 Task:

Let’s replace our cool weather clothing with our warm weather clothing! This might be a bit premature for some of us (I just heard that it’s snowing in North Texas!), but it’s not a bad idea to get started sorting and seeing what will fit and what will need to be replaced.

Replace Cool-Weather Clothing With Warm-Weather Clothing: Wash or dry-clean garments before storing them in a zippered sweater or garment bag

That’s it for today! Be sure to come back tomorrow for the next task!

Click below to complete any of the Spring Cleaning in 30 days challenges!

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