Disney’s Moderate Resorts-Tips for Enjoying These Popular Disney Resorts

Walt Disney World offers three tiers of resorts.  They range from Value, to Moderate, to Deluxe.  All of these tiers have their up sides and down sides, and choosing which resort is right for your vacation is an important first step!

I’m excited to be here on Family Friendly Frugality today to share some tips with you about Disney’s Moderate Resorts.  Personally, my family has enjoyed two of these moderately priced resorts on our stays.

We’ve enjoyed Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside on two of our 8 stays at the Walt Disney World Resort, and Disney’s Coronado Springs as well.    But, those are not the only moderately priced resorts that Walt Disney World offers.  Nope!  There are 5 Moderate Resorts total.  Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside, Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter, Disney’s Caribbean Beach, Disney’s Coronado Springs, and Disney’s Ft. Wilderness Cabins.

I feel that the moderate resorts are fantastic for families who are on a budget, yet want to experience a resort that is closer to the parks, has more amenities, and queen size beds.  So let’s take a look at the Moderate Resorts at Walt Disney World!

As I mentioned, there are 5 resorts in the Moderate Category.  Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside and Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter are “sister resorts”.  This means you can share the pools between them if you are a guest at one or the other.  Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort has a deluxe feel to it, at a moderate price.

The pool here is fantastic~my children loved it!  Disney’s Caribbean Beach is in the Epcot area of the Walt Disney World Resort, and recently under went a huge renovation.  All the rooms, with the exception of the Pirate Themed Rooms, now have queen beds and some accommodate families of 5.  Finally, the Cabins at Fort Wilderness are cozy, tucked away in the campgrounds.

They offer a full kitchen, a living area, and plenty of space for everyone.  My personal favorite in these is Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside.  I love the quaint beauty of this resort.  I also love that it is small in comparison to many of the other Moderate and Value Resorts.  Finally, the boat to Downtown Disney from the Port Orleans resorts is great!

All the Moderate Resorts rely on the Disney motor coach system to transport you to the parks.  You cannot walk to any of the parks from these resorts.  Disney’s Caribbean Beach is very close to Epcot Park.  The Port Orleans are in the Downtown Disney area.  The Fort Wilderness Cabins are actually in the Magic Kingdom area.  They are also serviced by a boat to the Magic Kingdom.  This is a GREAT moderate resort if you’d like to be close to the Magic Kingdom.

Theming at the Moderate Resorts is calm and relaxing.  With the Value Resorts being very cartoon themed and bright colors, the moderate resorts are not.  They each have their own unique theme, however.  The Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter are themed after the Louisiana bayou and Mardi Gras atmosphere.

Caribbean Beach is reminiscent of the Caribbean, with bright colors, white sand beaches, and hammocks galore.  Coronado Springs has a Southwest, almost Mayan feel to it.  And the Cabins are cabins :).

They all have entrances from the outside, and no guest rooms are in the main building.  Also, the guest rooms may be a long walk from the main building.  This is especially true at Caribbean Beach and Coronado Springs.  If at all possible, try to book a preferred room at these resorts.  You’ll be glad you did.

The Moderate Resorts offer both themed pools and quiet pools.  I feel this is one  main amenity that sets them apart from the Values.  The main theme pool is awesome at all of these.  It has a water slide, some have a small water play are for younger children, and they are well themed.  Then, in other areas of the resort, you will find quiet pools.  These only have a pool, no slide or anything.  These are great for adults, or if you have younger children who want a fun experience without all the stimulation from the main pool.


The Moderate Resorts offer a table service dining option.  Along with the extra pools, the Moderate Resorts have a table service dining, quick service dining, and in some cases a lounge to enjoy some drinks.  This is a great way to use some of your Disney Dining credits.  With the table service option available at those resorts, you can schedule a meal for your arrival night or departure morning.  They do NOT have character dining experiences, however.

I absolutely love the moderate resort category at Walt Disney World.  It’s wonderful for families who are budget conscious, yet want to enjoy a nicer resort atmosphere than the Value Resorts may offer.  They are often included in special offers from Disney, as well.  Will your family be staying at a Moderate Resort on your upcoming trip?

Carrie is a vacation specialist with Destinations in Florida, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.  She is ready to help your family make magical vacation memories at Walt Disney World, Disneyland  or Disney Cruise Line at no cost to you!  Contact her at carrie@destinationsinflorida.com or at 937.209.9473 to book your next Disney vacation!  



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