Don’t Let the Flu Get You Blue: Unintended Fever Mistakes and More

I hate it when my children are sick!

We are not a family that gives medicine to our children easily, but at times it is necessary and can provide them with great relief. I admit that sometimes I am nervous about the dosage. Especially if it’s been awhile since we have had to give them any medication and I know they’ve gained a bit of weight.

In an effort to ease parents’ anxiety and minimize risks, Children’s Advil® has partnered with nationally recognized pediatrician, Alanna Levine, M.D., to introduce a fever relief program this cold and flu season to educate parents on common misperceptions and best practices when it comes to treating a child’s fever.

Recently the following survey was conducted:

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, makers of Children’s Advil®, conducted two new surveys of more than
1,000 parents and 250 pediatricians nationwide and found that more than half of consumers (52
percent) report feeling anxious, fearful or helpless when their child comes down with a fever.

Do Parents Really Know Best?

Unintended Fever Mistakes

• More than half of parents (52 percent) have sent their kids back to school or daycare less than
24 hours after their fever passed.
• More than half of parents (52 percent) report waking their sick child up in the middle of the
night just to give them fever medicine.
• One in five parents (17 percent) admitted to bringing their child to the emergency room solely
for a fever without first calling their pediatrician.

Common Medication Missteps

• Nearly a quarter of parents (23 percent) admit to giving their child an adult over-the-counter
medication at a lower dose to treat their fevers.
• More than one third of parents (36 percent) base their dose on age rather than weight, which is
the preferred method by doctors.

Moms vs. Dads: Differences in Fever Treatment

• While less than one third (32 percent) of all parents feel confident in treating a child’s fever,
more dads (41 percent) report feeling confident than moms (25 percent) when kids develop
• A quarter of dads (25 percent) report giving their kids adult medication, whereas one fifth of
moms (21 percent) admit to giving their children adult over-the-counter fever medication to
treat a fever.
• More dads (57 percent) have sent their kids to school or day care less than 24 hours of a fever
breaking compared to moms (48 percent).
• More moms (65 percent) determine the proper dose of medication for their child – based
primarily on weight, not age – as opposed to dads (50 percent).

You can view the rest of the survey results here. They are fairly alarming!

You should always contact your pediatrician when in doubt. Always remember that as a parent you are your child’s strongest advocate for good health.

Advil provided my family with samples of their different flavors of Advil Fever Relief as part of their Children’s Advil®, Don’t Let the Flu Get You Blue program. (Thankfully, we haven’t had to use them so far this spring!)

You can head on over here to learn more about Children’s Advil and also be sure to follow them on Facebook.

There are currently a few money saving coupons available on on Advil’s Website.

Disclosure: Thank you to Children’s Advil® for providing free product samples, the survey information, and gift pack.

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