Easy Crazy Hair Day – Spider Bun

Spider Bun - Crazy Hair Day

This Spider Bun is probably the world’s easiest crazy hair day idea ever. Use whatever you have around the house to make it happen, but this is what we used (because it was what we had on hand):

Here are some quick and easy directions for this Spider Bun:

  1. First start with a high pony tail. Ideally it should be high enough that you can make the bun so your kiddo can sit back and the bun won’t get in their way, but my daughter hates super high pony tails, so hers is lower than ideal.
  2. Follow your bun maker instructions to make a bun.
  3. Take your cut pipe cleaners and fold the ends to make feet.
  4. Tuck the unfolded part of the pipe cleaner into the bun. Make sure none are poking your daughter’s head. She will probably let you know pretty quickly.
  5. I did not have a big black pom pom, so I twisted two black pipe cleaners together and spiraled them into a circle. I added some dabs of hot glue through the spiral to keep it together (and as you can tell from the pic, the hot glue gun was not quite hot enough so the glue shows…allow yourself more than 30 seconds in the morning to make this! haha!)
  6. Glue your googly eyes on your spider body.
  7. Using bobby pins, spear through the spider body spiral to stick the body onto the bun.
  8. Have your girl jump up and down to make sure everything stays put!

Show it off! Be sure to take a pic and upload it to the FFF Facebook page if you give this look a try!


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