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187 thoughts on “Easy Entry $10 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway”

  1. the best moment of my summer is our vacation up to my grandparents’ cottage in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

  2. My best moment hasnt arrived yet, but it will be here on Sat when we go on Vacation to TN for the first time and I get to see my Mom & my brother, whom I havent seen either of in the last year.

  3. The best part of my summer so far was all the wonderful fourth of July celebrations. Watermelon, swimming, BBQ and wonderful friends! It can’t get any better than that!

  4. My favorite moment was finding out I was pregnant with our second child! My four year old daughter is very excited about her new brother or sister!

  5. The best moment was going to New York City for the first time and having two of my adult children with me & my hubby and our 17 month old granddaughter! What fun we had in this crazy, wonderful city! A fantastic vacation that we’ve planned for quite awhile! So special but we wished our other daughter could have been with us although it wasn’t possible!

  6. The best moment of the summer happened today. My son was just hired to teach math at the middle where I teach… we are now COLLEAGUES! 🙂 Proud Momma here!

  7. 4th of July my hubby and I went to the Stadium of Fire event and saw Kelly Clarkson live! Best night of my summer by far!

  8. My favorite memory so far is when we took our daughters to the zoo, my oldest daughter had a wonderful time!

  9. Swimming with my family has been the best so far. We’re heading to camp later this summer and I’m looking forward to that, but that’s in the future. 🙂

  10. Best part so far: spending time with friends and family over the long Fourth of July. Late nights and fun!

  11. One of my best moments so far was seeing my oldest son graduate high school. Another was getting an unexpected trip to visit my parents for two weeks.

  12. The best part of my summer has been not having to race out the door by 7 AM and having flexibility with my schedule to spend time with my kids and hubby.

  13. My summer has been pretty good so far! Unfortunately the husband has been working non stop through all of it but the kids and I have spent a lot of time out at the cabin and out camping and swimming. Its been a lot of fun.

  14. How fun! My most exciting summer is this one because I had my 2nd baby girl on June 14 🙂 So we’ve been lucky because family has come to visit, more are coming, and my older daughter is getting special attention with extra play dates!

  15. Best part of this summer has been watching my little girl take her first steps! It was an amazing feeling ! So over joyed!!

  16. My best moment of the summer was taking my 3 yo daughter to Disney and watching tje magic in her eyes as she saw each new thing. She literally took a step back and gasped at the site of Cinderella. Truly a magical experience 😉

  17. The best moment of our summer has just been all the extra time with our 6 year old son! He started Kindergarten last year, which was a huge adjustment for all of us, so we have all just enjoyed all the extra time together doing all those fun summer things like swimming, BBQ’s, and sleeping in! 🙂

  18. My best moment was on my birthday! All my friends and family came together to celebrate with me! It was the best gift ever!

  19. My best moment this summer has been going camping and not have to worry about what needs to be done around the house.

  20. My favorite moment thus far in this summer was a trip to the Greenbrier Classic Concert Series to see Kenny Chesney perform- FREE! Sitting on a blanket in the sunshine, listening to good music, and spending time with a close friend– it was the perfect evening.

  21. The best part of the summer would be a toss up between going to Dollywood’s Splash Country and watching Dispicable Me 2

  22. The best moment so far this summer was going home to see my Parents and my 91 year old grandmother! Moments spent with such a special lady are so priceless, she is still fully independent and going strong! Such an inspiration to us all, and seeing my children make memories with her! <3

  23. I’ve been working a lot this summer so I haven’t really had a chance to do a lot in my free time, but my best moments have been being able to play with my son. He loves the outdoors and gets so excited when I tell him we are going out to play. It brings me so much joy to see that big smile on his face when he’s running around out in the yard.

  24. My best moment has been sitting on the front porch and watching my son and daughter dance to a bunch of songs. They love making up their own dance moves and it’s just too precious. 🙂

  25. Every moment with my son!! Being back in school full time takes so much of my time that every moment where it’s just the 2 or 3 of us is so precious!! My son will be 10 next week! Eek!

  26. I think the best moment was when I saw someone I had known (and loved) for 8 years after not seeing him for several years. And yes, the love is still there.

  27. I subscribe and follow you! My favorite part of summer has been 4th of July weekend. My daughter ended up getting sick, so we couldn’t go camping with friends. However, we ended up having our own camp out with the tent in our living room, a movie and smore’s broiled in the oven. It was SO much fun!

  28. So far the best time was taking the dogs up to Big Hill Lake and watching them chase their new GoGoDogs Pal.

  29. The best part of this summer is that I do not have to work! It is the first summer in over 15 years I get to be home and I am enjoying every minute of it! My son leaves for college in the fall, so I am trying to spend as much time with him as he will allow 🙂

  30. The best moment of summer so far was Memorial Day. It was just one of those strangely perfect family times…you know, the ones with extended family where no one has or causes drama. Absolutely perfect! 🙂

  31. so far the best moment as been seeing 5 Dave Matthews Band shows in a matter of 2 weeks in 3 different states!

  32. Just walking around on the night of the super moon, when the firelflies made their first appearance of the summer and the various cats in the neighborhood were out enjoying it all too. (I subscribed at catshaw2e@gmail.com).

  33. My favorite memory this summer so far has been making smores in the backyard with the kids. And sneakin’ around trying to find each other :), they had a blast.

  34. The best part has been spending time with some of my family that I usually don’t get to see very often..

  35. My best summer moment was watching my husband and my 6 year old grandson make my favorite cake for my birthday!

  36. Best moment of the summer thus far – watching eating ice cream and watching fireworks with my 2 year old on the 4th. The wonder and awe in her was absolutely priceless! p.s. thanks for such a great blog!

  37. Just being able to take my maternity leave and be home and have fun with my little guy. Last week his first three teeth came in, and this week he started crawling! But my time is almost done and I’ll be back to work soon 🙁

  38. The best moment of my summer was last month when my beautiful 17 year old daughter came up (NH) from Georgia. She has been living with her father there for 6 years and she told me she wasn’t going back.
    That completed my whole year, not just my summer!

  39. The best summer moment for me has been watching my grandson have so much fun riding his balance bike at the park! He’s got his bike mastered and always has the biggest smile on his face.

  40. The best moments have been all the time spent with our daughter. She’ll be a freshman next year – so, is busy, busy, busy during the school year, and it’s just nice to have a little one on one time with her this summer.

  41. The best moment of the summer came over July 4th. Bummed because it rained our parade…literally…we opted for brunch with friends, then pictionary at a friends home. We ended the evening at a different home with hotdogs and (wet) fireworks. What a lovely time spent “weathering the storm” with friends.

  42. Best part was being accepted to a Doctor of Physical Therapy Program! I have worked so hard to get in and will now be in debt, but your website has given me so many tips on how to help out the next 4 years!

  43. As crazy as it sounds getting a new front door to my apartment. The last one had a huge window that would have made it easy for anyone to come break into the house.

  44. The best moment of summer so far is spending time with my wife, and celebrating our 1 year anniversary.

  45. Traveled down to Georgia to visit my roommate from college and her family. It had been over twenty years since we had seen each other…but it was just as if it were only yesterday. We had the greatest visit. Thank you God for the wonderful gift of friendship!

  46. The best moment of the summer is when I was able to quit my job and spend lots of time with my kids! 🙂

  47. The best moment was throwing an early 1960s-themed cocktail party with my boyfriend.

    I subscribed with this email: shanerus at gmail dot com

    If I win, contact me at the email in the comment form. Thanks

  48. My best moment this summer was picking up my boys from summer camp and listening to all of their great stories in the days after.

  49. This summer has been the most unique and worthwhile for me because I got to teach my 5-year-old niece how to read.

  50. My best moment of summer so far has been spending time with my family which I have not seen much for the past twenty years!
    cjnedrow at gmail dot com

  51. hmm, not sure if I really had a best moment yet. But I think it will be this coming Sunday when I get to see a couple of my best friends and their baby daughter. They’ve been away overseas for 7 months and it’ll be a great reunion!

  52. My best moment of the summer is when my son and daughter both learned how to swim and my daughter passed the deep water test.

  53. email subscriber
    best moment of summer so far is hanging out with my kids and enjoying “our time”. So far we went to Great Adventure, the boardwalk, hung out by the pool and ready to do it again


  54. Best summer moment, taking my 1 year old triplets to the pool for their first time! So much fun!

  55. Email subscriber. The best moment of my summer was going to the beach with my family. Thanks for the chance to win!

  56. My best moments of summer has been having my grandson home from school. It is lonely when he is gone for the day and he brings so much joy having him home so every day has been special for me.

  57. The best moment was being at a pool party with all my friends and family for Fourth of July and then watching the fireworks!!

    elizzzzzabeth at yahoo dot com

    Thank you so much

  58. My favorite moment this summer so far:
    Of our 5 young adult kids, 4 live nearby but one daughter had to move to live across the country in Georgia so we only get to see her once or twice a year and that’s hard on all of us because we are very close knit.
    At the beginning of the summer My husband and I flew (my 1st commercial airflight) from Michigan to Orlando Florida (my first visit to Florida too) where my daughter and her boyfriend drove to meet us there. We stayed at a hotel in Orlando Together and one day we spent the entire day at Universal Studios laughing and having fun making priceless happy memories together. : ) We ended the evening at our first visit to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner and dessert. We each chose a different flavor of cheesecake and then we each cut our flavor into 4 pieces and exchanged them so we could all taste all 4.

  59. My best moment this summer , so far, was celebrating my father’s 99th birthday with family and friends.

  60. My best moment this summer was when I got accepted into the nursing program! So excited and nervous to start!

  61. The best moment has been spending as much time as possible with my 16 year old daughter. I know in just a couple years she will go away to college and I am just so grateful that we are so close and she still holds my hand and wants to hold my hand! I still love cuddling with her while watching movies! So that has been my favorite thing this summer!

  62. So far the best moment has been being able to spend so much time with my 13 year old son while school is out. Next month we are taking him to Kennywood so he can enjoy the rest of his summer before school starts back up again. Thank you for the generous giveaway!!


  63. The best moment of summer so far has been watching 3 ravens carry on a spirited conversation for 5 minutes.

  64. Our first trip of summer out on our boat was the best! It was so nice to be back out on the water again.

  65. The best moment of this summer was taking my son to the ocean for the very first time. He loved it!

  66. when the navy told my sister and brother in law that they were being stationed in Florida, which is alot closer to me in Georgia than where she was in Nevada.

  67. not really any best moments, but I guess seeing fireworks on july 4th will work. been a tough, tough summer for us.

  68. My favorite part of summer so far is the trip I just took to Washington DC to take part in the No Kill Conference! It was an inspiring event geared to saving the lives of shelter pets in america!

  69. So far the best time we have had this summer is my husband and I took my daughter and 2 nieces to Ripley’s believe it or not on the Oregon coast. The attraction is cheesy but time with all 3 girls is priceless.

  70. My summer has been really low key, but the best moment was when my parents gave me their elliptical!

  71. Seeing my baby girl’s (just turned 4, so not actually a baby!) eye light up when we presented her with the swing set we’ve scrimped and saved for, and then later that night, visiting our friend’s new baby girl. The daughter they’ve been trying 10 years to conceive. It was a beautiful, emotional (happy!) day of beyond words gratitude.

  72. It’s been a quiet summer. The best moment was probably a great dining experience at a local upscale steakhouse.

  73. The best moment of my summer was getting to take my three year old daughter back to my hometown in Wildwood NJ to finally see where I grew up and to go to the beach and boardwalk rides for the first time. She had so much fun and the memories will stay with me forever 🙂

  74. Spending many weekends at my sister’s, playing with my nieces and nephews and finally helping them move into their newly constructed house.

  75. The best moment of the summer was watching my 4 year old climb up a blow up moon walk water slide all by himself and go down alone. He has been terrified of them, I was so proud watching my son conquer his fears!

    1. This was the winning comment! I picked the winner at random, but I’m so glad you won. I actually lost my mother on 4th of July 18 years ago so I’m glad you got to spend 4th of July with your mother!

  76. Best moment this summer so far was watching fireworks while holding my husbands hand. It’s the little things.

  77. I can’t say I have just one best moment of summer, just in general, getting to spend time with my family has been great.

  78. the best moment … being able to be at my Uncle’s Memorial service… spending time at the beach healing from the loss… being reunited with my cousin and meeting her newborn son

  79. The best moment of my summer so far was when my biological dad started talking to me for the first time! That 16 years of my life where I didn’t have a father figure. I’m so happy that I finally got to meet his whole family- Fiance, stepdaughter, grandma (who I met a couple years ago), and his other two daughters. They are paying for me to visit them in Texas in August! I’m so excited!

  80. Best part of summer is just sitting back and relaxing. Visiting with friends. It is nice to find time for getting to together.

  81. so far my best moment has been going to alaska and seeing all the beautiful land that is around there!!! the kids got to go too wich made it that much more special

  82. Took my daughter and sister to the beach for the week and had a nice relaxing time.My daughter had cancer and my sisters husband almost died last year and was in the hospital for a year cancer and Pancreatitis so they really needed a vacation!

  83. My favorite moment of the summer was my little sister’s birthday. She wanted a half-Barbie, half-Wizard of Oz birthday. So, I gave her the Barbie Wizard of Oz Emerald City playset for her dolls, which I was so happy she loved!

  84. The best moment of summer so far has been having the time and energy to learn how to cook new dishes every day.

  85. The best part of my summer so far has been my surprise 40th birthday party and then us surprising one of our friends for her 40th birthday with a party!

  86. The best part of my summer was when my family and I went to the Renaissance Festival. It was a great vacation experience.

  87. New subscriber here. My best moment so far is watching my 12 year old swim in her first summer championships in the county. She placed 5th for her relay team, 5th in breast stroke, and 12th in butterfly. Watch out Michael Phelps! We live about 20 miles from Michael and have been watching his entire career.

  88. I’m a brand new subscriber 🙂 The best part of my summer was actually not quite summer yet. We took our vacation at the end of May because someone let us use their summer home in Cape Cod. Though it was sort of chilly, we still had a lot of fun. On the way home we stopped at Yale University. My daughter and I are huge Gilmore Girls fans, so we thought that was the best thing ever! “Rory’s going to Yale.” Such a great show and such a bonding time with my daughter!

  89. The best moment of my summer hasn’t happened yet. That day will be August 1st, when my nephew celebrates his second birthday, after successfully fighting cancer. It has been a rough summer. So far, yesterday was the second best day of my summer, when he was given a stem cell transplant and did well.

  90. Going for a roadtrip and camping with my b/f. Its an annual trip in Wisconsin with close friends. Kayaking, cooking, and just enjoying a week away from the burbs.

    viperduckie@aol.com ~ Subscribed

  91. I quit smoking after a stay at the hospital and its been a month and I feel pretty good

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  92. My best moment was going to Denver and meeting up with some friends from around the US.
    michelletucker at baconnation dot net

  93. I’m a confirmed subscriber. The best moment of summer for me was when all my brothers and sisters and their children were able to get together… for the first time in a long time.

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