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Yesterday, I posted an awesome giveaway from Educational Insights (win a $50 gift card to Educational Insights! Giveaway ends 4/6!).

I teased that I had another great giveaway coming up and HERE it is!

Have you ever heard of the popular book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey?

Of course you have.

Who hasn’t? 

Did you know that his son has actually written several books as well?

One of his most popular books is The 7 Habits of Happy Kids. 

It was actually a New York Times Bestseller and Educational Insights has created a fun game to go along with the book!

We received this game to review and even though it’s a bit above the age level of my kids (it’s geared towards kids in first grade and up), we were able to adapt it a bit to their level.

It’s so much fun! I also love how every turn reinforces a good habit.

The 7 habits are even printed right on the inside of the box.

This game is fantastic and I look forward to using it as a teaching tool with my children for many years to come!

Would you like to win this game?

You could win The 7 Habits of Happy Kids Game!

Entering is easy:

1. Leave a comment letting me know what habits you are working on with your own children and why you think those habits are important.

2. “Like” Educational Insights on Facebook

3. Not required, but I’d love if you would subscribe to my website by email. Be sure to confirm your subscription. You’ll get 5 bonus points for doing this!

Fill out the rafflecopter below when you’ve completed the above entries (you must fill out the form to be entered to win).

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This giveaway ends on 4/18/12. This giveaway is open to US 18+ only.

This giveaway is not sponsored by Facebook. It is sponsored by Educational Insights. Your game will come from Educational Insights. You have 48 hours from the time you are contacted to claim your prize. Otherwise you forfeit your prize. 


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34 thoughts on “Enter to Win The 7 Habits of Happy Kids Game!”

  1. We are a new 7 Habits School in WV, 2nd year, and this would be perfect to help enforce the things we are already doing to teach the 7 Habits!! Its a Win Win!!!

  2. We are working on giving the kids choices so they will be able to make decisions on their own and still feel in charge of the situation.

  3. My son really needs to work on his manners. He means well but we are working on him saying please when he asks and excuse me when well you know…

  4. Trying to figure out how to teach my almost 2-yr old to listen. When I ask her not to do something she does it immediately! There’s a reason I’m saying don’t do it! Argh!

  5. For the little ones, respecting others bodies by not hitting and grabbing, for the older ones compassion and truthfullness.

  6. Putting their clothes in the hamper, they like to leave them wherever they take them off. I think at their age they need to be more tidy.

  7. We are working on helping around the house – together is better. Cleaning up after ourselves shows respect for each other and our home. Also working on how we talk to each other and to parents.

  8. I am really working on my kids self care skills. My son still had not mastered how to zip his jacket, yet he knows how to get to and play every game on my smart phone

  9. We are working on the golden rule “treat others the way you want to be treated”. We are also working on picking up after ourselves, and not using our sleeve as a napkin!

  10. I’m teaching manners so they have respect and receive respect.
    Clean up after themselves and help out around the house so they are clean and responsible.

  11. We have been working on obeying immediately. I never thought I’d repeat it (you know…”When I grow up I’ll never say that to my kids!!”…), but lately I’ve been telling my son “to delay is to disobey.”

  12. Right now we are working on being truthful. My daughter, 4, has started stretching and flatout breaking the truth. We are working on truthfulness so she can be a trustworthy person.

  13. sitting thru church and actually LISTENING….important to me because i always sat in church with my grandmother and didnt bring toys or books with me

  14. The concept of CHARACTER is one of the most important “life-skills” we are teaching our children. If you are honest and make the right choice (especially when an adult is not around), then we believe our children will build up many more “treasures” — the ones that really matter.

  15. We work very hard every day in my house with three little rascals. Taking turns and not interrupting are our biggest qualms right now. They are absorbing more and more every day, and I am learning more and more that positive reinforcement is the best tool with my boys.

  16. I am working on the habit of being kind with my kids. It is important for them to be kind to others

  17. I’m trying to teach my step daughter 7 manners. Before I came a long she was thrown all over the place because her father was a truck driver and couldn’t be with her daily. So in those years of being thrown around she learned to not have manners, or respect. Plus with her bio mother, its hard getting her to have manners when she is with us (we are custodail parents so she lives with us all the time except every other weekend) because her BIO mom doesn’t care if she has manners or not. But I want a nice kid that EVERYONE loves being around.

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